zoya meadow nail polishThis time we will talk about nails, review and take a deep look into a great nail polish, ZOYA. I love this nail polish and I’ve tried quite a few before getting these three, but the ones I’ve tried before now have half-used bottles, with polish dripping down the sides. Not exactly a pretty picture to put on my blog. So I decided to finally review these three ZOYA polishes as a recommended product to buy.

I got excited when my ZOYA shipment came and I couldn’t wait to try out the polishes. I actually painted each color on different fingers before I decided on which one I would wear for the next couple of days (when I do my nails myself, the polish rarely stays on for more than two days — I’m awful).

There are hundreds of polishes to choose from on ZOYA’s website, and I honestly should have taken a little more time in choosing my colors because two of them (Meadow and Amanda) look quite similar. They definitely are different, but I would have rather gotten a different color as an opposite.

Zoya Nail Polish In Aurorazoya aurora nail polish review

ZOYA Nail Polish in Aurora is part of ZOYA’s late winter jewel-toned collection. It is described as a “full coverage, medium sugarplum purple flecked with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter.” Its color intensity is 5, which is the highest color intensity for the most opaque colors. I thought it came out beautiful and not at all like what I have become used to in “glitter” polishes. Glitters are a hit or miss for me, and they often come out way more sheer than expected; this is definitely not the case with ZOYA’s “Aurora.” It is super vibrant and playful, but not too playful that it looks ridiculous (like many glitter polishes tend to look). “Aurora” is in ZOYA’s purple/plum “color family” with a holographic and microdiamond glitter finish.button_readmore-amazon


Zoya Nail Polish In Meadowzoya nail polish meadow review

ZOYA Nail Polish in Meadow is described as “a soft medium pinkish peach that has mauve undertones and frosty warm golden shimmer.” This pinkish peach color is is definitely the color I would use to describe this polish. It has a shimmering finish that is still subtle enough to be super office-appropriate. I actually got this color because I don’t own many subtle nail polish colors, and, to me, this is more of a “neutral” color; a more calmed-down tone. ZOYA even describes it as “golden and flesh-toned”, yet pinkish-peach at the same time. “A sparkling nude color to use on warm skin tones,” although I think it would look great on any skin tone. “Meadow“‘s finish is described as “metallic” and it has a color intensity of 4, the second-highest color intensity, slightly below fully opaque. This color is neutral yet flirty and fun at the same time and I think it’s going to look great with my spring wardrobe.button_readmore-amazon

Zoya Nail Polish In Amanda

zoya amanda nail polish

ZOYA Nail Polish in Amanda is a perfect neutral brown-pink polish that you can wear day or night and on absolutely any occasion, and I (of course) bought it because it is my namesake. 🙂 It is described as a “medium muted peach creme with pink, brown and mauve undertones.” Like I said before, in the review of “Meadow,” I don’t have many neutral nail polish colors, so that was another reason why I was so quick to also add “Amanda” into my online shopping cart. It is such a perfect neutral tone with a cream finish, described as a “a warm skin tone shade for a very natural look.” It has a color intensity of 4, and, after trying it out, it almost seems completely opaque. I love the finish of this polish and it looks great with absolutely everything.button_readmore-amazon


All three of these polishes go on perfectly. I remember when I first tried out a ZOYA polish over a year ago (when I got a mini-sized version as a free sample), I was so impressed with the way they applied. It’s like the brush knows the exact contours of your nail and, for someone like me who is not the greatest at applying my own nail polish, this polish is a godsend. The colors themselves are all super vibrant with a wonderful consistency, and even the ones that are lower on ZOYA’s “color intensity” scale are never sheer (unless they’re supposed to be sheer).

zoya amanda nail polishzoya meadow nail polishzoya aurora nail polish

From Left to Right: Amanda, Meadow and Aurora

I’ve used so many nail polishes over the years that look super vibrant in the bottle and they end up coming out way too light and sheer-like upon application. This is totally not the case with ZOYA‘s polishes. Oh, and did I mention that you can choose from a hundred of polishes?I think these polishes are fantastic and I am in love with the brand.

ZOYA Nail Polishes are available at various retailers (I’ve seen them at ULTA and I’m pretty sure Sephora, but not currently on their websites) and online at Amazon.com


ZOYA Nail Polish Review 2016https://thebeautytonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/zoya-amanda1.jpghttps://thebeautytonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/zoya-amanda1-150x150.jpgEstelleProduct ReviewsThis time we will talk about nails, review and take a deep look into a great nail polish, ZOYA. I love this nail polish and I’ve tried quite a few before getting these three, but the ones I’ve tried before now have half-used bottles, with polish dripping down the sides....The best beauty secrets revealed