shaving vs waxingWaxing VS Shaving, the battle of the hair removal methods. While many women will have their own personal method of hair removal, it is worth to understand the benefits of each method, compared with the effectiveness, cost and how time consuming each method can be. Within this article we’ll run through the pros and cons of waxing VS shaving, along with concluding which is the best overall.

There are many other hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, sugaring or simply using tweezers to pull stray hairs out, but these aren’t as popular as the standard waxing or shaving. I personally think that hair removal using an epilator is the best available method, but it may be a bit uncomfortable for many women since there are a lot of women that prefer these 2 traditional methods.


Many women will wax their hair regularly, but why?

waxingWaxing works by using hot wax, this is applied to the area to be treated and then simply removed in the opposite direction to hair growth. This removes all hairs in the area by pulling them from the root. This is a great method to use for your legs, armpits, or women who have darker, thick hairs – which shaving simply leaves as stubble.


  • Can be done at home or in a salon. Salon treatments will cost more, but they are also a lot more effective. The cost of a salon treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated, but can range from around $30 – $80. This also depends on which salon you visit, as more popular salons will charge more.
  • Keeps your body silky smooth for up around three weeks on average, but this ranges and can be up to six weeks.


  • The wax needs something to be able to grip to in order to remove the hairs. This means you will have to let your hair grow around a quarter of an inch, while this isn’t too bad for your bikini areas or legs during winter, during summer you may not want to leave your leg hair at quarter of an inch. Therefore, many women will let their leg hair grow during winter when they will be wearing trousers, and then wax during spring. Many women then shave during summer, as this is much quicker and doesn’t require much growth.
  • Can be painful depending on how thick the hairs are, this also depends on the amount and the quality of wax used. Reducing the pain can be done by using good quality wax.


If you are waxing yourself at home, it is much easier to use wax strips which are available online and in many stores.

You have the remove the strip cleanly, and fast in the opposite direction to hair growth. If you don’t do it quickly, it will be more painful in the long run and not all hairs will be pulled from the root.

Certain drinks can even tighten your pores, which makes hair removal harder. This also increases the pain. You should avoid caffeine and alcohol prior to waxing.


woman shaving legs

Shaving is simple, many women will have at least done it once in their lifetime. It works by simply removing hair at the skin level by using a razor. It may not remove hair as deep as waxing would, but it is a lot easier and less painful, it is cheaper too.

Shaving is ideal for lighter hair, as thick hair can leave stubble and will need waxing to remove it. Thick body hair can also be removed semi-permanently using electrolysis or laser hair removal, which may be worth looking into if it causes you a problem.

Shaving is best for shaving your legs and underarms, it is also used to remove light facial hair.


  • Shaving is incredibly cheap, depending on how often you shave – blades can last an extremely long time. Modern razors allow for blades to easily be changed, meaning you can keep the handle which further lowers the overall cost.
  • Shaving is 100% painless, you will barely be able to feel the hair being removed from your body. Compared to waxing, this is a huge benefit.
  • Shaving cream is incredibly cheap, and makes shaving a lot easier. Shaving cream also moisturizes the skin, which keeps any hair soft, rather than coarse stubble.


  • Cuts can be incredibly common, especially in areas which are harder to shave. While the cuts are only small, they may take a few days to heal. If you are careful, you can easily shave any area without accidentally cutting yourself, but you do need to be careful – as razors are very sharp.
  • Hair will grow back much quicker than if you waxed. This is because the hair is only removed at skin level, rather than pulled from the root. Any hair that grows back will also appear much thicker, as it will be blunt due to the hair being cut partway down from shaving. This isn’t too much of a problem if you shave regularly.
  • Ingrown hairs are also a possibility from shaving regularly.


As with waxing, you should always shave in the opposite direction to hair growth. This cuts the hair much easier. If you shave in the direction of hair growth, the razor will just flatten the hair parallel to your skin, rather than cutting it.

Shaving creams are recommended, this makes shaving much easier – and minimizes the risk of cutting yourself. Electric razors can also be purchased, which use fine spinning blades to give you a hair free body, they are much easier to use and significantly lower the risk of cuts. Unfortunately they are more expensive.


Now that we’ve ran through the pros and cons of each hair removal technique, which is the best in the battle between waxing VS shaving?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a winner and maybe there is no “correct answer”. Each woman has their own personal preference, but by taking a look at the pros and cons – waxing at home is a better option. This is because it doesn’t need to be done so often, and is still fairly inexpensive. It may be more painful, but you don’t have to do it as often as you would shave. Shaving can be used alongside waxing, for lighter or more delicate areas.

I personally believe that epilation is the best method available for hair removal and this is what I use, but it is not for all. If you are interested to learn about epilation you can read our epilator reviews and take a look at the epilator devices.

About waxing VS shaving, feel free to leave your comment and tell us which hair removal method is the one you prefer. RemovalWaxing VS Shaving, the battle of the hair removal methods. While many women will have their own personal method of hair removal, it is worth to understand the benefits of each method, compared with the effectiveness, cost and how time consuming each method can be. Within this article we’ll run...The best beauty secrets revealed