One of the hardest things about trying and reviewing any anti-aging product like the Revitol anti aging line is that you want so much from the product and you want it fast.

No matter how much I caution myself that all things come with time, I can’t help but to expect that if I daub Revitol anti-aging cream on my hand the skin that hides beneath will suddenly glow with youth again.revitol anti aging moisturizingIt glows immediately, but that is only from the moisturisers in the product. To do a comprehensive and realistic review of any of the Revitol anti aging products I had to commit to trying them for 60 days.

Face it, one of the downsides of Revitol anti aging is its price. This product comes in at the higher range of the anti aging market, for that reason alone I wanted to know if this is worth it or should I pass on the information that once again some company is up-marketing to our dreams of slowing down the aging process.

Here is what I found.

Revitol Anti Aging – 5 Stars For Quality And Compliance

Revitol anti aging products have been around since 2002 and the company has invested a lot of time and money into research that shows in the quality of their products.

One of the standout features of Revitol is they are a member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the due diligence required in their manufacturing and production process to put the NPA seal on their label is tight.

In fact, the one blanket recommendation I have for anyone trying different Revitol anti-aging products and other companies anti-aging creams and treatments is that you should avoid buying any of them that is not part of that association and prominently display the seal on their labels.

NPA doesn’t mean that all of the ingredients are natural, the Revitol anti-aging line combines natural and synthetic ingredients, but it holds the company to a standard of manufacturing that assures you clinical grade ingredients and consistent ratios within each product displaying their seal on the label.

With the seal on the label you know that the Revitol anti aging cream you bought last year and had such great success with is going to be the same as the cream you buy from them this year. There is no variation between batches or years in quality.revitol anti aging cream

3 Or 5 Stars For Quality Of Ingredients (Depending On How You Look At It)

The one thing that people can’t make their mind up about is how high to rate the products in all the Revitol anti aging reviews due to the inclusion of synthetic ingredients in their products such as the Revitol anti aging cream, which is one of their most popular products.

On the one hand the Revitol anti aging cream reviews are all for the results people get, but then they will downgrade the star rating because not all of the ingredients are natural.

This is almost a six of one, half a dozen of another kind of reasoning that isn’t very fair or realistic when it comes to writing a Revitol anti aging review.

The company has done extensive research that has allowed them to create products that have natural and botanical ingredients as their main active agents, but they also have to include two or three synthetic agents so that the products work as well as they do.

While this may not be ideal, it is realistic. It takes years of research to find a natural botanical that can duplicate a synthetic compound and deliver consistency of result and shelf life to make a product viable.

As expensive as Revitol anti aging products are, they aren’t so expensive because they have included all natural botanicals that won’t deliver a quality product.

Their team recognize when botanicals aren’t at the stage where they can be used solely to provide the best results and with care, use a select few synthetic ingredients so you are really getting your money’s worth from the Revitol anti aging moisturizing cream.

So that makes it a 5 star product in my eyes, but if you are a purist about wanting all natural botanical then the star rating would be 3.

How Well Does Revitol Work?

I tried the Revitol anti aging moisturizing cream for 60 days. It is an investment you have to plan for unless you have “that kind of lifestyle.” I had the following results: in less than two weeks, my skin did look better and it felt firmer.

After 4 weeks, there were visible results that people were commenting on. What made me feel good about the cream is that the comments I got from people were in the form of questions about whether I had started going to the gym or changed my diet, the cream made me glow from the inside out.

I didn’t look so tired. There were less blemishes on my skin, the tone was more even and hands down – the wrinkles were far less apparent.

Especially the fine crow’s feet around my eyes, for that I did start using their eye serum about half way through because the results I saw from just the cream were enough to make me willing to try more.

So my take on Revitol? 4 out of 5 stars.That one missing star is just for the cost of the product and the fact that it isn’t totally natural, but it has excellent value for money and delivers results if you give it time to work for you. BrooksProduct ReviewsOne of the hardest things about trying and reviewing any anti-aging product like the Revitol anti aging line is that you want so much from the product and you want it fast. No matter how much I caution myself that all things come with time, I can’t help but to...The best beauty secrets revealed