perfecter fusion styler reviewReading a lot of reviews lately about Perfecter Fusion Styler by Calista, I decided to give it a try and present a detailed review about this. Well, when I did my due diligence about this product, read the characteristics and saw the videos my first reaction was: “What?,can it really do this? What have they created?!” I told myself that it is time to examine this device and see if it can really do what it promises.

This well-designed device claims to replace your curling iron, your flat iron hair straightener and your heated round , having them all combined in one device. 3 in 1 , at the cost of one. It also claims to give a perfect style to your hair in just 3 minutes!!! Hmmmm… sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Having read all the Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler reviews online I noticed that they are mixed and some people tell that this product is not good enough and does not work for them, while others praise it and say it is the best hair styling device they have ever used. That confused me even more.

Well, let’s see my examination and my personal experience using this hair styler:

ics of Perfecter Fusion

  • Combination of gentle ceramic heating and ionic technology.
  • Heats up to 390ºF
  • Ceramic Barrel
  • 2 temperature settings – 356ºF for fine or thin hair and 390ºF for coarse or thick hair.
  • Works with all hair types
  • Easy to use, like brushing the hair
  • Gifts Included: 3 styling clips, detangling brush, thermal travel case
  • 2 Years warranty
  • CE

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Personal Perfecter Fusion Styler Review

The first thing I want to say after trying this product is that “It actually works”. Yes, I didn’t damage or tangled my hair, I gave them the styling result I wanted (loose curly) easily following the directions. Well the truth is it did not take me just 3 minutes (around 6-7 minutes). Someone who has rather short hair should finish the job in 3 minutes.  I used the low temperature setting for thin hair and suited good for my hair type. It didn’t get my hair tangled and the end result was a nice “salon” look for my hair.

Some people complain about getting their hair tangled, but this is because they do not use this device properly. Here are some tips about how to use Perfecter Fusion Styler and make it work wonders:

How to Use Perfecter Fusion Styler Properly

  • First of all, this is not a typical hair curling iron, so don’t use it like one. If you wrap your hair and roll it like a curling iron you will get your hair tangled and then complain and say this product does not work.If you want to have loose curls just use it like a round brush.
  • Secondly, you should always use it on dry hair in order to work properly.
  • Start from the top of your hair and slightly turn the brush, then hold it, slide down a bit, hold it, turn, slide and when you reach the bottom turn it like you turn a round brush when you blow dry your hair. Do not wrap it around your itself!
  • If your hair gets stuck you just have to stay calm and turn off the device. After, you can work your hair out of the brush teeth gently.

Here is a video to see exactly how can Perfect Fusion Styler be used properly.

Also, in the end of this article I will show you some videos for various hairstyles using this styling brush.

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Perfecter Fusion Styler Pros and ConsperfecterPROS

  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Perfectly safe, you can use your both hands to style your hair without worrying about burning yourself
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Various ways to style your hair using this device
  • Give some extra volume, shine and silkiness to the hair.
  • 2 years warranty and gifts included


  • The roller does not come off to clean it easily
  • Can be used only properly only on dry hair
  • Cannot be used the same way an iron curler is used (well, this is not exactly negative, but for some people is just confusing)
  • You are done in 3 minutes (like manufacturer claims) only if you have short hair.

Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews

There are various Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews online but I know that the most valuable ones for you are the customer reviews from someone who has a personal user experience. So here are some reviews from Amazon customers about Perfecter Fusion Styler

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Hair styles using Perfecter Fusion Styler

Here are a couple of videos showing some hairstyles you can achieve using this device:

Styling Tricks and tips for Medium to Long Hair

How to Tame Long Frizzy Hair with Perfecter

Long and thick hair style: How to get beautiful waves and volume


Overall, this 3 in 1 device is a great styling choice for your hair coming in a fairly low price. I was very satisfied personally using this device and I recommend it to my friends who are looking something like this and of course my readers. The truth is that some advertising for this product is a bit excessive about some characteristics (eg. ready in 3 minutes) but truly can not understand some reviews that even say this product is a scam. No it is not, just read, watch and learn to use it right. It’s all in the manual anyway. If you are looking for something flexible that can be used for various hairstyles then it is a great choice. If you are just looking for a brush that straightens hair and nothing more, then maybe you could try something else and cheaper, like Apalus brush straightener. I personally like Perfecter Fusion Styler because it has the flexibility to create various hairstyles, gives the volume needed and looks like you just visited a hair salon.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews, when you try your new hairstyles, don’t forget to wear the most valuable thing, your smile 🙂


 CareReading a lot of reviews lately about Perfecter Fusion Styler by Calista, I decided to give it a try and present a detailed review about this. Well, when I did my due diligence about this product, read the characteristics and saw the videos my first reaction was: 'What?,can it...The best beauty secrets revealed