My struggle with adult acne related to a persistent medical condition means that I have never had skin completely smooth in texture and appearance. This product helps me fake it without being detectable on my skin or sapping the life out of my complexion. I am a fan of MAKE UP Forever HD Microfinish Loose Powder, but it needs to be applied with restraint and a controlled hand, especially if you are going to be photographed. It has the tendency to find its way in to your airway as a cloud of product permeates the air when swirl a brush.

Not the case with the new pressed powder incarnation! I reap all the benefits without the mess or over-application! The HD Pressed Powder is talc-free and lightweight with a texture in the pan unlike any I have ever encountered, truly acting like an imperceptible second skin. This innovative exclusive formula boasts a combination of silica and micro and spherical powders that help to soften the appearance of fine lines and pores and create a smooth and soft focus effect on the skin.

The finish, if applied correctly, is slightly mattified but not deadened. There is only one universal shade that is white in the pan and designed to be completely translucent and flawless on application of all skintones, light or dark. The key to application is to lightly tap your brush on the surface ONCE and dust it over your T-Zone and then whatever is left on your cheeks if you want (I don’t–I like my blush to glow). Trust me, one light feathering IS ALL YOU NEED or you will end up with that tell tale Casper cast to your skin.

Overall, a wonderful and portable finishing powder that extends the life of my foundation and gives me too-touchable skin. BrooksProduct ReviewsThe new particularly ghastly and painful pimple on my cheek is my own fault. I know better than to touch my face but I am so enamoured the silken finish of MAKE UP FOREVER HD Press Powder that I can’t stop petting my own cheek. My struggle with adult acne...The best beauty secrets revealed