foreo luna mini review 2015I have recently purchased the much talked cleaner Foreo Luna Mini and after I made used of it I decided to provide a detailed review of this device. Foreo Luna Uses the T-Sonic technology with sound- vivrations and not -irritating material,this device promises a very deep cleaning with respect and in the most sensitive skin. Although I already own Clarisonic I wanted to also try Foreo Luna because of all the positive feedback I have received from people that have used it.

So when I found the Foreo Luna mini in a very good price I decided to buy it and give it a try. There are two basic models, the standard and the mini. The standard model is more expensive than the mini because it has an extra feature that is the anti-aging massage function. I believe that compared to other anti-aging massage devices it is poor so I do not think that justifies the purchase of the standard model. The mini model is more than enough for the use I want.

Foreo Luna Mini Features.

The Foreo Luna Mini is a little sleek handset that takes up very little space. It fits comfortably in the palm of our hand.

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The device is waterproof and rechargeable having a convenient recharging USB cable. Noteworthy on Luna Mini is innovative construction of silicone that is non-porous material. This ensures hygiene and cleanliness without the need to change the head like you do with the Clarisonic. Changing the brush head was one of the expensive things about using Clarisonic, because it needs changing every 3-4 months.

Another striking feature is that it does not need charging. Yes, the charging it needs is so little. You can use two times per day for five months, and after five months you may need to charge it. Impressive!

The apparatus also has small silicone fingers in a variety of sizes for use in different skin types. On the front panel there are small touch points for sensitive skin, and up a small part of normal skin. On the back side there are big touch points for oily skin. Device curvatures are ideal to reach even in difficult areas such as the sides of the nose.

The foreo luna mini is also set to run for 1 minute, with a short beep to alert at 15 seconds intervals. The intervals exist to help us divide the time equally between zones of our face – left cheek, right cheek, chin, nose and forehead.

Foreo Luna Mini Usability

Use of the device is very simple. After wetting your face and make an initial fast cleaning especially if you have makeup, apply some cleaning in the face again moisten your skin and the device and then use it. When done rinse with clean water in a minute.

Warning: There are some recommendations about what should not be used with Foreo, such as facial cleansers particle type based scrub, clay cleaners and cleaners that may contain silicone.

Also, a special ritual use of the device is proposed. Unlike other style brush cleaners, you should not rub back and forth but rather upward movements. Watch the video below to see how to use it properly. Although it is an unrealistic presentation (where is the foam … huh?) it shows the proposed move which I personally find better. Then again, if you prefer the traditional circular motion I find no reason to not adopt what you like best ..

Another feature that can be selected are the two speed settings, normal and mild. The first gear is automatically activated with the start point by pressing the on / off or other speed if you hit the same spot again. I can not find the reason for mild speed but can some people find it more fitting to their own skin. Also, don’t forget that there are some new models available like Foreo Luna 2 and Foreo Luna 2 mini in the market. The differences are not so big but maybe you would like to take a look at them.

My Impressions about Foreo Luna Mini

My skin has been definitely deep cleaned using the foreo. The skin becomes very smooth, soft and brighter. I also like that there really is no irritation as sometimes felt with the Clarisonic.(Read the Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Review for more information) The massage is pleasant and stimulates circulation giving a fresh lively appearance to the face. Let us not forget that the toiletries in a truly clean skin act undisturbed and better.

For people with skin that is sensitive, irritated and easily blush I think is the perfect choice to use for everyday care !!! Using it just one minute in the morning morning and evening, the skin acquires a beautiful look and a healthy shine.

I can not say my opinion in terms of long-term results. Since  my skin is already in good condition I just want to keep it, and any future improvement is certainly welcome! But I know others who have tried it for a long time they say that their skin is generally more beautiful, shiny, healthy looking without using blackheads and with fewer resources.

Personally I think the foreo luna mini is an excellent addition to my 2017’s “beauty toolbox”. I hope you enjoyed my review and helped you for your decision.

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