beauty tips for fairnesssLooking for some natural beauty tips for fairness? You’ve come to the right place. Well, let us be honest. None of us would really say no to a flawless complexion, would we? However, all our efforts simply go into trying to find the best fairness cream which would quickly make you look prettier in a magical way. This actually doesn’t leave much room for considering the common but pretty effective beauty tips for fairness.

Before you judge us, let us tell you that we aren’t against any beauty products, you can see that browsing around The Beauty Tonic. However, we believe there are better ways out there to get fairer than spending a chunk of money on temporary and short term solutions. There may obviously be some good and quality products as well, but you need to be really good with your research in order to find them.

Picking just any fairness product out there that you think would work well may just as well turn out to be almost like taking a gamble, especially if you choose to try a product out you know nothing about but the tall claims don’t let you resist the temptation. No surprise why we see such a surprisingly large number of cases of skin side effects.

Anyway, we are not going to get into all that. We know what you are here for, and want to offer just that. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into learning some proven and effective beauty tips for fairness.

Oats and Lemon

We are going to start off with natural home remedies. Home remedies are a considerably safer and cost-effective skin care treatment. So if you manage to use them the right way, you may not even have to consider other synthetic products out there.oats

Anyway, back to the point. Oats seem to be working great at removing old and dead skin cells and helping replace them with new ones. They are also considered to be pretty effective against rough skin, which seems to be a common skin problem nowadays.

As you probably already know, oats are popularly used as a food to get slimmer. However, their other benefits, especially the ones they have on the skin, are often ignored. Besides the above given benefits, they can also help clear excess oil and impurities on your skin as well as deal with other skin problems.

Lemon, on the other hand, is a popular treatment option for the skin. We see so many fairness creams and other beauty products out there boasting of coming with lemon extracts. Wouldn’t it be a much better option to simply use lemon directly? We feel it is, and hence including it in our natural treatment options.

Lemon is pretty rich in Vitamin C, something that’s always believed to be pretty useful for the skin. Besides giving your skin a glowing look, it also helps in cleansing it. As quite a few skin problems are linked to unclear and oily skin, lemon may help protect your skin against many skin problems, while the glowing effect it gives to your skin would make you look fairer.

List of ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of mashed oats
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • For those who have a sensitive skin, should consider diluting the lemon juice by adding water to it

How to apply the mixture?

You simply need to mix all the above mentioned ingredients, and apply the mixture all over your face in a gentle way. You need to leave it on your skin for around 20 minutes before washing it off. Doing this on a daily basis may not only help you get a fairer skin, but also give it a glowing look, and protect from many skin problems.

Turmeric and Lemon



Lemon is probably going to be common in most of the effective home remedies or natural skin treatments out there. It’s really effective for skin and comes with many skin benefits, making it fairer being no exception.

Coming to turmeric, it’s actually believed to be the best natural solution for a fairer skin by many. Its properties seem to be making it an excellent exfoliating agent, which, besides giving you a fairer skin, also takes care of many other skin problems.

Furthermore, regular use of turmeric helps you achieve an adorable golden glow on your skin, something that is always capable of making a women look gorgeous naturally. It’s used with different things to achieve different skin related goals, enhancing one’s skin’s health and fighting acne being some of the primary ones.

The skin troubles it helps in taking care of include the extremely annoying and considerably common acne, many skin related aging signs such as wrinkles, blemishes, stretch marks, and so on. So regardless of whether you are simply looking for a fairer, glowing skin, or also looking to tackle some common skin related problems, using turmeric seems to be the way to go.

However, as far as using it for getting fairer is concerned, it’s recommended to use it with lemon. As lemon itself is a great skin care agent, it would make the combination a pretty effective one for improving your skin’s health as well as enhancing its look.

We are also going to include using milk and gram flour here for most effective results.

List of ingredients:

  • Turmeric
  • Lemon juice (diluted with water if you have a sensitive skin)
  • Milk
  • Gram flour

How to apply the mixture?

After mixing all the above mentioned ingredients, you need to apply them evenly on your face. While applying, however, you might want to scrub them in a gentle way, in order to make it work at its best. You then need to wait around 20 minutes, after which you can clean your face.

Except skin whitening, turmeric also has many more benefits for the skin. Here is a beautiful list containing 6 surprising benefits of turmeric for the skin in this nice infographic provided by .


Skincare routine for fairness

Well, there’s also something more to the above mentioned natural beauty tips for fairness. Some experts also recommend following an ideal skin care routine for getting fairer, and maintaining the look. Also, as mentioned above, it would probably be a better idea to go for natural and herbal products or those that don’t come with harsh and harmful chemicals. Given that you are using such products, the below given can be an ideal skin care routine for you:

  • In the morning, you can simply start off with cleaning and toning your skin. This ensures that everything you do after that will work more effectively.
  • After you are done with them, you can apply your fairness cream, if you are sure about the effectiveness and safety it comes with. If not, you may as well skip this step.
  • Finally, you can apply a moisturizer that greatly helps to protect your skin against the sun.

If you follow this routine the right way, your skin should probably stay in a healthy state till the evening. In the evening, you can again follow the same routine as you did in the morning, so that the effect can last till the morning.

A final word

Following this ideal skin care routine with some twists of your own to suit your skin’s needs, along with the natural beauty tips for fairness mentioned above should not only help you get fairer over a period of time, but also get a glowing and healthy skin, as well as prevent the many common skin care problems out there. TipsLooking for some natural beauty tips for fairness? You've come to the right place. Well, let us be honest. None of us would really say no to a flawless complexion, would we? However, all our efforts simply go into trying to find the best fairness cream which would quickly...The best beauty secrets revealed