drag queen makeupWhat is a drag’s queen best friend? Makeup of course. A proper drag queen should always have a proper make up kit  in hand.

The Beauty Tonic presents you the best makeup products in the market that fit a drag queen’s needs perfectly! We provide a brief description for each product, if you want to read more information or see the prices of each one just click the product images.

Note: At the end of the page you will find the drag queen’s make up tutorial!


A drag queen should use a very thick concealer in order to color in the beard area, especially the top lip as this can often go patchy during the day. Even if you want to leave the beard unshaved and go for a Conchita style, you may still want to apply some concealer to hide any scars,acne or shadows.

Recommended Concealers for Drag Queens :

1. Dermablend Cover Cremedermablend cover creme for drag queenThis  concealer is very thick and heavy enough in  order to cover beard shadows, bruises,  tattoos and scars. It is best to use in evenings or places with low light where you can get away using this kind of heavy makeup.

2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer MAC  studio concealerThis is a great concealer that is being used by professional make up artists. This is lighter than dermablend so it looks more natural on the skin.


No matter what concealer you will choose to use, you should always remember these two things:

  1. Do not rub the concealer on the face, just pat it.
  2. Apply some powder between the concealer layers.


A drag queen should need a new fresh blank canvas in order to paint on it. Foundation comes after the concealer to even out the skin tone all over.

Recommended Foundations for a Drag Queen:

maybelline new york fit me foundation1.Maybelline New York Fit Me! Oil-Free Stick Foundation: A great sheer and build-able foundation    by Maybelline.  It blends so great with the skin color  and it stays on for  many hours even without using any  powder.


Nars Sheer Matte Foundation for Drag Queen2.NARS Sheer Matte Foundation: This is a top quality foundation, a bit expensive but maybe the best foundation available in the market. It can be used just using your fingers.


When the foundation is ready on its place, you need to make use of some powder to make it be set in order to not look very shiny. It is also useful if you have had a difficult number or have spent a hot night to use some powder to treat the sweating of the face.

Recommended Products:

1.L.A. Girl HD Pro Setting Powder: La Girl Pro Setting PowderA must-buy setting powder if you have oily skin and want to have a great drag queen makeup result. An excellent quality product in an affordable price.


Mehron Setting Powder Neutral2.Mehron Ultrafine Makeup Setting Powder – Neutral: A Top quality setting powder that can even set up the cheapest foundation very fast and easily. It is a clump free setting powder with antiperspirant.



If you want to make some areas of the face to look bigger, (eg. the cheek bones) you should make use of some highlight powder.

Recommended Highlight Powders for a Drag Queen:

1. Nyx Highlight & Contour Powder Nyx Highlight Powder for Drag Queen Makeup

A powerful contour and highlight powder for drag queens, as it gives a strong matte look. It will work great for you especially if you have porcelain, tan or olive skin.


e.l.f. studio highlighter contouring2. e.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter 83706 Blush Gems: A great powder to create a radiant glow and highlight the skin with a beautiful shimmering color. High quality for its price.



From the other hand, if you want to make some areas of the face look smaller you could contour the face. This is the opposite of highlighting.

Recommended Drag Queen’s Contouring Products:

elf studio contouring blush1.E.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder St Lucia: A bronzer is a must for a drag queen, this one is matte brown and the blusher is a light rose colored product with a little shimmer to it. Pretty, and naturally looking.


 city color contour effects2.CITY COLOR Contour Effects: Very well    pigmented colors coming with a nice guide    (contouring diagram) in this powder contour kit. note: the highlighter that is contained is very strong!!



A drag queen’s face requires a variety of lines. An Eyebrow liner,an eye liner and a lip liner.

Recommended Pencil Liners:

nyx mechanical eye pencil black1.Eye Liner: NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, Black:
A strong black mechanical pencil by NYX is all you need to emphasize your eyes!It has a creamy textures that deliveres great pigmentation and also moisturizes! It helps the eyes seem bigger and pop out. It also has great staying power and can stay at your upper eyelid the whole day!


black italia eye lip liner pencil2. Lip Liner: BLACK ITALIA EYE LIP LINER PENCIL 1001 SET: This product can be used both as an eye liner and lip liner. As an eye liner it is creamy and smooth but needs some caution when used along with mascara, in order to not create a dublicate effect. As a lip liner, it can give you that extra edge you want to give to your lips. Another excellent product for its price.

Nyx eyebrow pencil for drag queens3. Eyebrow Liner: NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil: In case you need an extra eyebrow pencil, this two-edged sword is the weapon you need. An excellent shape, excellent color, great for growing and filling your eyebrows.




Shadows, along with foundation and lipstick the most basic elements of a drag queen’s makeup. Eye Shadows can really transform a look and a face and can make the eyes pop and draw the attention.

Recommended Eye Shadows for Drag Queens:

Maybelline new york eyeshadows drag queenz1.Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette: A 12-color palette from maybelline to cover all your needs for a drag queen’s eyeshadow application. No matter what is your skin tone this palette will swit your needs, containing eyeshadows that are pigmented and can create some great looks!

Max Factor Drag Eyeshadow2.Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow: Having a precise applicator tip these shadows are the best for precise eye framing and if you want something different from the usual powder eye-shadows.



Liquid liners give you more control over the different lines you have to have on your face and allow to create sharper points than pencil liners. For sharper points and extra edge, try these recommended liners for your drag queen makeup application:

Recommended Liners:

Maybelline new york master eyeliner review1.Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner: Another great product from Maybelline, that creates perfect lines and lasts all day! It is ideal to create extraordinary intense lines, something that makes it a must for a drag queen’s makeup kit. I have personally used it this way on Halloween.



milani eye tech extreme liquid eye liner2.Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner: A fantastic tool to create a dramatic effect, having a thin to thick coverage and being very easy to controll. You can use it to create sharp bold lines in order to have the perfect winged look.



Before thinking to put on the fake eyelashes use some mascara up to your own lashes.

Recommended Drag Queen’s Mascaras:

maybelline new york volum express mascara1.Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum’    Express Washable Mascara, Classic Black                A great mascara from Maybelline that helps a drag queen  to add huge volume even in just one cover. You will not  believe the amount of volume you can add using this  product.



covergirl lashblast mascara very black 2.CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara, Very Black: An  excellent mascara that produces having a very black effect.  It can give you the blackest of the blackest color for your  eyelashes.



Also, visit our best mascaras for 2015 article to find out  more of the best possible solutions for your mascara application.



For a drag queen makeup, when it comes to lashes, size really really matters. 301 lashes are the proper ones. In order to have a fuller effect just layer them up.

Recommended Lashes :MapofBeauty 10 Pairs Crossover Design Thick Makeup Eye Lashes False Eyelashes (Black-#01) Map of Beauty 10 Pairs Fake Lashes



Last but not least, the lipstick is the final touch to a perfect drag queen makeup. The lips and the eyes are the parts of the face that draw the most attention, so choose your lipstick carefully. Select your desired lipstick from our best lipsticks for 2015 article.


And finally, a small bonus: this product might come quite handy and have many uses for a drag queen makeup:

Mehron Clown White Makeup

Makeup Product For Drag Queen


This is an excellent video tutorial presented by Joseph Hardwood and show you step by step how can you have the perfect transformation. This is a must-see if you want to learn the most important information about how to have a drag queen makeup.


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