There are some skin-care essentials that should not be overlooked. The average routine for any daily regimen is cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize with the focus of today’s post being on the second of those four basic steps.

This is not a typical Clarisonic Mia 3 review but an effort to describe my personal experience using these devices. So here goes my story.

clarisonic mia 3 review

I have been an avid user of the Clarisonic Mia 3 Sonic Skin Cleansing System (Aria) ever since my Mia 2 couldn’t be revived (more on that later). For those of you not familiar with this system, the Clarisonic Aria sonic cleansing brush is a battery-operated facial brush that you can take with you into the shower to exfoliate. There are different brush attachments for different purposes such as an acne brush and a sensitive skin brush, each of which oscillates (it doesn’t turn) and vibrates to loosen debris and excess sebum (oil) from your skin’s surface and pores.

This vibrating (termed the Sonic Method) releases more toxins than manual exfoliation with just the palms of your hands and a cleanser. Clinical studies have shown the Clarisonic to help facial products penetrate up to ten times deeper than regular washing alone. I have used multiple skin brushes, each with a lower price-range, but settled on my Clarisonic Aria sonic cleansing brush due to its power and its vastly superior results.

clarisonic before after

For those of you with acneic, delicate, hyper-pigmented and dull skin, proper exfoliation is key to not only keeping your skin clean, but also providing a proper foundation for smooth make-up coverage, a brighter complexion, and a baby-soft face. Naturally, when you exfoliate you remove the upper-layer of dead skin cells along with dirt and oil that has accumulated throughout the day. If you don’t exfoliate, this debris becomes trapped in your pores and leads to a whole host of skin-problems from fine-lines, to those already mentioned above.

My skin is a sensitive oily/combination mix prone to acne, redness, and hyper-pigmentation (discoloration). I have struggled with acne in particular since I was 12, dealing with a pizza-face complexion that concealer only made worse. I had tried everything…salicylic cleansers, masks, and going to my local aesthetician once a week for extractions and chemical peels. Some of those things helped, but a lot of the products I used just made my face a burning angry mess. It wasn’t until after I graduated high-school that I discovered the Clarisonic.

clarisonic mia 3 sonic cleansing brush

My first model was the Clarisonic Mia 2. I took it into the shower with me daily and adjusted the speed to the highest setting. After putting some of my favorite cleanser (that turned out to be part of my problem) on the brush and let the device do it’s magic, I would clean different areas of my face until the timer went off and my skin felt silky smooth. After a week, my complexion had improved significantly, but within a month I only had a few breakouts on my cheeks that were persistent in staying. I continued for another two months after but they still weren’t gone. I wondered why the sudden plateau and discovered the Aveeno cleanser I had been using had several toxic preservatives and questionable ingredients in it that I was reacting to. Upon changing my routine to the DeVita Skin-Care line for oily complexions, my breakouts all but vanished.

-Cleaning your Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush-

how to use clarisonic

Now every three months the brush head on the Clarisonic Aria sonic cleansing brush needs to be replaced. When I opened mine up for the first time I was shocked at what I found…moldy mildew everywhere! I’m surprised I got such great results with all the fungus growing inside. I tried cleaning it, but ended up throwing the entire thing away. I had followed the directions in the booklet, cleaning my brush head with soapy water every week and putting it in the charging cradle to dry…I didn’t understand and was so repulsed I gave up on Clarisonic for over a year. My skin, while better with the new product line I was trying out, took a rapid nose-dive. I tried other skin-care brushes and even microfiber mitts, but they never got me to the point that Clarisonic had.

About a year ago, I bought a new one, the Clarisonic Aria sonic cleansing brush, and after doing some diligent research, discovered that even though Clarisonic recommends leaving the brush head on the handle and the cap on top of the head, the trapped water will stagnate and cause the problem I just described. I began taking the brush head off after every use and used a clean towel to dry the inside. I never leave the cap on a wet brush, maintain washing my entire device in warm soapy water once a week, and keep everything out of the shower where it is constantly steamy and wet. In the end my skin went back to the way it was before I had my first breakout, but the break from my favorite skin-care brush really did a number on me. On the bright side, my new facial brush cleaned my skin up faster than ever! With it’s three speeds instead of two, it really helped me get back on track.

Where to Buy a Cheap Clarisonic

cheap clarisonic

Please do yourself a favor and splurge on the Clarisonic Aria sonic cleansing brush at a retailer like Sephora, Ulta, or any major online store such as Amazon. Authorized retailers can give you a warranty and you are never going to find yourself with a knock-off product. You can find cheap Clarisonic facial brushes in Amazon when they have some special offers. Here are some current prices to get an idea:


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Remember to clean your brushes, and stick with the program for three months like I did before giving up. Also keep in mind that the advanced exfoliation the Clarisonic provides will more than likely cause your skin to purge before it gets better. To help alleviate this problem, stick to either the acne, sensitive, or normal skin brushes before moving on to other brush head models.

I hope you enjoyed my Clarisonic Mia 3 review. Also don’t forget to check our article with the comparison between Clarisonic VS Foreo Luna

Please feel free to post your comments and questions below and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. I am busy lately but I am always trying to find some time for my beloved friend Estelle and The Beauty Tonic. BrooksProduct ReviewsThere are some skin-care essentials that should not be overlooked. The average routine for any daily regimen is cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize with the focus of today's post being on the second of those four basic steps. This is not a typical Clarisonic Mia 3 review but an effort...The best beauty secrets revealed