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In this article The Beauty Tonic reviews the best makeup brushes for 2018 for each makeup application. Yes, we separate the brushes into different categories, because most of times you need a different brush for each stage of your makeup. For each category, we recommend a brush that deserves to be in number 1 place for this individual category and we provide a small review about it. Some of these brushes might be quite expensive, but I wanted to write a review including the best makeup brushes regardless of the cost. (though there are some quite inexpensive included).I am preparing a next review including the best budget-friendly makeup brushes.

1. Foundation Makeup Brush

The proper way of applying foundation is using a flat and wide brush. After that, use a sponge to blend the foundation in order to have a more natural finish. Best Recommended Foundation Makeup Brush:

La Mer The Foundation Brush 

La Mer The Foundation Brush is truly unique. Until you try it you can’t understand what you are missing. Using La Mer Brush it is a piece of cake to get an even and nice application using so little product.The quality of the brush hair is the best, everything is top-notch about La Mer foundation Brush,I totally recommend it as one of the best makeup buys.

2. Concealer Brush

A proper blush for blending concealer should be short and flat, ideally with a pointed tip and a wide base. My recommended brush for concealer makeup is:

Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Bare Escentuals has this brush with stiff and flat synthetic fibers that cannot get clogged up when you are using a creamy concealer. The tip is tapered and it helps you to camouflage the dark spots or the blemishes on the face. The size and the shape is ideal if you need to sweep on an eye shadow primer too. Used along with the ideal concealer it can do small miracles.

3. Fan Brush

The fan brush has many different uses and is similar to a fan painting brush. It can be used to apply blush, blend and highlight the cheekbones.-especially good for under the cheekbones and around the hairline. This brush can also be used to apply a face mask and to clean the excess powder or the fallen makeup from the eye. The best fan brush in my opinion is:

Laura Mercier Fan Brush

List Price: $30.00
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Review: This fan powder brush is by far one of the best powder brushes available in the market. The fan shape makes it unique and ensures that it picks the proper amount of product in order to apply it evenly on the face. It is a very good brush to use along with the setting powder if you want to set your foundation.

4. Powder Brush

This soft rounded brush with fluffy bristles having a flat top is common in a makeup collection and it can be used to apply any kind of powder. Recommended:

Nars Loose Powder Brush 

Current Price: $25.00
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Review: NARS is known for its durability and high quality brushes. This one is a high quality brush that feels very good on the face and distributes the powder very well and evenly. It is not dense but you will not have any shedding problems with this product.


5. Eye Blending Brush

The brush to make these gorgeous eye looks blending many different shadows. Use this brush to help the colors mesh and layer on different hues. Best in this category:

MAC 217 Blending Brush 

Current Price: $42.97
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Review: This is a long-time favorite product for blending the eyeshadows coming from a top brand in the industry. A great choice and easily accessible in a good price for a MAC brush.


6. Angled Eye Brush

The main use for this brush is for gel eyeliner application. It can be used in other ways too, like filling the eyebrows,

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush   

List Price: $19.50
Current Price: $24.59
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Review: A very well designed product, allowing to create a defined and sharp line and an excellent choice for people who have thin eyebrows. It has the perfect angle for an easy application of your favorite cream/gel eyeliner.

7. Blending Brush

This is the ideal brush in order to blend your bronzer and your favorite blush.. A round-topped blending brush is all you need!It’s also great for applying highlighter powder, or blend your shadows together. Recommended blending brush to buy:

Trish Mc Evoy  Blending Brush  

Current Price: $49.00
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Review: A great blush to blend your blush, bronzer and even eyeshadows perfectly.It is a soft brush ideal for sheer application of color. It can have many uses like applying brow powder and lining the eyes with powder.

8. Kabuki Brush

A thick and rounded brush having a very short handle. Kabuki brush is ideal to buff mineral foundation or setting powder on the skin. Tip: Use circular motions in order to achieve the best results. Recommended Kabuki Brush:

e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Face Brush 

List Price: $6.00
Current Price: $3.95
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Review: This brush is extremely fine-haired and silky and has the ability to pick up just the right amount of powder and apply it correctly on the face. Although it is very soft it does not shed. You can use it for both compact and loose powder successfully. It is one of my personal favorites, coming in a great price making it both a best buy and best budget friendly buy.(only $6). – I will sure add this to my next review about budget friendly makeup brushes.

9. Smudge Brush

This brush is a tool that helps you create the smoky eyes effect. It has small concentrated bristles that help to control the pigment better than all the other shadow brushes. Recommended best buy:
 Hourglass No. 11 Smudge Brush 

List Price: $36.00
Current Price: $36.00
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Review: This one has dense and short bristles that make it ideal for blending, applying and diffusing your colors. The bristles are extremely soft and concentrated and the metal handle gives you full control for easy handling and application.

10. Eyebrow Brush

Well, this is a brush for the eyebrow trend. If you are looking to apply it but you have sparse arches, then having a eyebrow brush is a must. Use it over your eyebrows in order to fill any patchy areas.Recommended: 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Duo Brush 

List Price: $18.00
Current Price: $12.99
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Review: This is an excellent 2 in 1 tool having a spooley and shaping eyebrow brush to groom the hairs on place on one side and an angled sable brush to fill and shape the eyebrows on the other. A very useful brush having all you need in order to treat your eyebrows the way you want.

11. Angled Eyeliner Brush

This brush gives you control over the thickness and the specific angle of your eye-line and helps you not to smudge it. Gel liner could be quite tricky but using an angled eyeliner brush you can overcome any difficulties. Recommended product to buy:

Laura Mercier Angled Eyeliner Brush 

List Price: $22.00
Current Price: $13.00
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Review: Laura Mercier angled brush can make applying a thin line close to your lash easier than ever. It is ideal for gel liners because it is made from synthetic fibers. The tip is fine and if you want to get a thicker line you can apply some more pressure. A great brush, especially if you are struggling with eyeliner.

12. Flat-Top Brush

For cheekbones, this flat-top brush has some edges in order to help get under your cheek’s crannies and nooks. It is also ideal for body application, covering large areas of the body.  Recommended best flat-top brush

Bare Essentials Medium Body Foundation Brush 

Review: This is a flat brush that can be used for a quick application on the body. It has straight fibers and it can be used along with compact powders, liquids and creams, almost everything except latex. It can be considered to be a 2 in 1 application brush because of the optimization of every stroke and the innovative hair density it has.

13. Lip Brush

If you apply your color using a brush you can have bold lips that can last all day long. The brush helps the pigment to be distributed equally and don’t let it easily blot off. Recommended product to buy:

Laura Mercier Pull-Apart Lip Colour Brush  

List Price: $24.00
Current Price: $25.65
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Review:This lip brush has sharp points and can easily replace lip liners. The handle is easy to use and the product is sticky on the the head. It is ideally shaped to create a steady and precise lip line and gives you full control over your line. The finely rounded tip and the tapered sides of this brush allow an easy and accurate application of your favorite product.

14. Angled powder brush

You should use this brush if you are making use of any powder is a fluffy bristle brush.It is great if you want to sweep your product around the hairline and down the nose. Recommended product to try:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Angled Blush Brush 

 Review: A quality angled blush and powder brush to have seamless application and the ideal amount of color applied on your cheeks. Even the thickest parts of the brush have contact with your cheekbones and you can have the option for buildable coverage given by the density and the size of the brisltes (natural hair bristles).

15. Stippling Brush

Useful if you want to have an airbrush-looking foundation without having any sign of creasing. Recommended best buy:

Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

List Price: $9.99
Current Price: $6.74
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Review: This is a great brush for many uses, your foundation,bronzer or cream and powder blush. It has very soft synthetic taklon bristles and it has enough density it order to stipple your foundation. The short bristles and the small size it has make it ideal if you want to use it to cover small areas of the face.

16. Spoonie Brush

A brush for the brows, making them look more tidy. It is also useful after you apply mascara to distribute the pigment and get the clumps out of the eyelashes. I cannot decide what product to recommend in this category yet, because I have never used a spoolie brush myself. I am open for suggestions in your comments.

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