best home laser hair removal reviewsLaser hair removal at home is considered to be the best hair removal system. It can be performed using special designed laser machines giving you the opportunity to use the latest technology for removing all your unwanted hair at the comfort of your own house anytime you want.The laser hair removal system for home does not only remove the unwanted hair but also offers hair reduction, preventing the regrowth of new hair for months after your treatment, having the minimum possible trouble and pain.

This article has reviews of the best home laser hair removal machines for 2017 to help you find the one that can work effectively for your needs and give you some knowledge about each device. Here is a table containing all the devices that we are going to review and some of their main features to help you sort out the ones you want to read about.

Best Home Laser Hair Removal System 2017

Let’s start examining these laser hair removal at home devices one by one and look at their detailed features.

Tria 4x Hair Removal Laser Review

The first device to review, Tria laser 4x is one of the most famous laser hair removal at home systems and one of the best devices in the aesthetics market. A best seller in this field that is already considered an all-time classic. Dermatologists often recommend this device. It is FDA approved -one of the first models to achieve that- and uses 4X more power than the all the other laser devices that are designed for home use.

tria 4x best laser hair removal at home system


Characteristics of Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

  • Technology: Tria 4x is making use of Diode laser technology.
  • No cartridge replacement – This is one of Tria’s most unique features. This laser system does not require any replacement of the cartridges like the other devices need. That means that you will not have any additional expenses to buy new cartridges. It can provide about 9,000 hits that are more than enough to use it on your whole body 2 times per month for 2,5 years. When we are talking about home laser hair removal lasers 2 uses per month are considered too much, so the possibilities are that it will last longer than 2,5 years.
  • Immediate Visible Results – Most of the users that have tried Tria 4x claim that they had visible results just after 1-2 uses.
  • Laser Head Size- The laser head is small and is designed perfectly to treat the most delicate areas of the human body such as the upper lip, the underarms and the bikini area. The downside of this design is that some consumers may find it less convenient to treat larger body areas because it will be more time consuming.
  • Safety- It has 5 energy levels in order to control the desired results depending on your skin type. Also, it has a skin tone sensor to make sure the settings fit your skin tone.
  • Power/Needs recharging- This machine has a charger and you cannot operate it while it is getting charged from the adapter.
  • Ease of Use: A piece of cake. If you follow the instructions and find your ideal settings you can start your first treatment very easy and fast.


Tria 4x laser is one of the best selling laser hair removal at home machines and has received top rated reviews and appraising comments from buyers around the world. It is a trustworthy and proven choice that has showed some great results. You can read some Tria laser 4x reviews on Amazon and see the great feedback that this system receives.

Veet Infini’ Silk Pro IPL Hair Removal System Review

Veet is a very popular brand in the industry of hair removal. Infini’Silk Pro Light Based IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser Hair Removal At Home System is specially developed by Veet for use on any body’s area and any gender. It can be used by both men and women for torso, legs, underarms, face, arms , back and the bikini line.veet infiny silk pro laser reviewbutton_readmore-amazon

Characteristics of Veet’s Infini’Silk Pro hair removal device

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology – Veet’s home hair removal system uses the IPL technology, something that means that the hair re-growth volume is getting reduced with each treatment. Short light pulses are used by Infini’Silk Pro laser attacking the hair follicles that exist under our skin. Hitting the root of the hair, it stops the hair from growing from the root.
  • Results (Permanent!?) – Veet claims that someone could achieve permanent hair reduction if at least 10 treatments are performed on the same body area. But watch out, they say permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. There is no such system available in the market today that can guarantee permanent hair removal. 3-4 treatments are required in order for the first results to be visible,depending on the hair color, the hair type and the skin color of each person.
  • Safety – Sensors –Some very important safety features are included in Veet’s Infini’Silk Pro model, including a skin contact sensor that is used to identify the contact with skin, causing the device to work only when it touches the skin. It also includes a sensor for skin color that identifies the skin tone and only work on spots that are considered to be in need of treatment. These 2 sensors are maybe the best features of this machine. Also, like Tria’s laser it has 5 energy levels available.
  • Laser Head Size- The laser head (lamp) is bigger than other models,able to cover a wide area of the body and reducing the time needed for the treatment. From the other hand, it may be more troublesome if you want to treat more delicate parts of the body like the upper lip.
  • Replaceable parts – A cartridge with 5,000 laser hits is included in the pack. The cost of new cartridges for replacement is not so high (around $30-$35)
  • Ease of use– For power it has a corded system that allows you to work continuously. For that reason there is no downtime during your treatment. This machine is very easy to use, you just plug it, select the suitable energy level and press the pulse trigger on the area you want to treat gliding the device on the surface of your skin.


The best parts of Veet Infini’ Silk Pro are the sensors that are included and provide you that extra safety you need. Safety is very important for all laser treatments and this one provides the maximum safety. The results are also good and it is a great choice overall if you decide to buy this device. It has excellent reviews in Amazon and you can read more information and more customer reviews visiting the product’s page on Amazon


Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro IPL Hair Removal System Review

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro hair removal at home machine is making use of the Pro Pulse technology. It is clinically proven that it is able to quickly remove the unwanted hair and prevent them from growing back for a 6 month period.

remington laser hair removal review


Characteristics of Remington IPL6000USA hair removal device:

IPL Technology – Like the previous models it is based in IPL technology.

Pro Pulse technology – The I-Light Pro Pulse technology is the one that stops the hair regrowth for up to 6 months. It works flashing the follicle of the hair straight to the hair bulb making use of light energy. At the same time it soothes the surrounding tissue using vibrations.

Easy operation – A manual in a form of a DVD is included in the package but this laser system is very easy to operate even if you are a total beginner in home laser hair removal.

Advanced/Safety Features – Remington IPL6000USA device has build-in skin-contact and skin-tone sensors to provide the user with the perfect light-pulse every time. It offers 5 energy levels to choose the suitable one for your treatment. All these functions are specially designed for safety, reducing the risk of burns and in-growth hair.

Power – No Downtime– It is a plug and use system, there is no downtime for your treatment. It does not need any recharging or any batteries to operate.

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro Professional IPL Hair Removal System includes a cartridge that provides you with around 1500 hits (flashes), enough to cover three full body treatments. It also offers a two year limited warranty. The number of hits is not so high like other devices, but we should consider that is the cheapest home laser hair removal device that also has quality standards and the price of new cartridges is not so high (around $20). This system is on sale right now on Amazon , which is a very good deal. It is almost impossible to find any one of the best home laser hair removal system at a lower price.

LumaRx IPL

LumaRx IPL is a new 2017 IPL hair removal device that is ideal for large areas of use and intense treatments. It is made for those that want permanent hair reduction results in a professional and safe way. It can be used on every body area, chest, arms, underarms, bikini, legs and arms, as well as women’s facial hair on cheeks, chin, neck and above the lips.

LumaRx IPL hair removalbutton_readmore-amazon

LumaRx IPL device features:

Technology: It is based on IPL technology , reaching the root of the hair with a light pulse energy.

Large Treatment Surface: The treatment surface is big, making it suitable for treatment of large skin areas such as legs, chest, underarms etc. It is also suitable to treat more delicate areas but it may not be so comfortable like Tria .

Safety: It is a device that is FDA cleared and is makin use of ComfortFilter technology. This technology blocks the harmful UV and the infrared energy.

Number of Hits: LumaRx provides 65,000 hits, a fair number of hits that makes sure that will last you for many years of treatments.

Results: Company claims that it can achieve 94% hair reduction after just 3 treatments. Checking the customer reviews around the internet we can say that this is a statement very close to reality. Results may vary depending your skin color and the hair color. It works best on light skin color and dark hair and is suitable for treatments on light to medium skin color (not suitable for dark skin color).

Overall, LumaRx is a great IPL solution for your laser hair removal needs. It can reduce your hair after several treatments, it is safe to use and it has a good value for money, because these 65,000 hits are going to last a long way.

Me My Elos Syneron Pro Ultra Review

Me My Elos Syneron Pro Ultra is the only one home laser hair removal device in 2017 which can treat both light and dark skin. Yes, it is specially designed in order to remove hair on dark skin also. This is its biggest advantage and the feature that make it the best system if you want to have results on dark skin. The combination of IPL and RF (Radio Frequency) technologies make this possible to happen. It is suitable for both body and facial treatments.

me my elos syneron pro ultra review


Me My Elos Syneron Pro Ultra feautures:

Dark Skin Treatment- Combination of RF and IPL technologies. As we have said in the prologue it is the only laser hair removal machine that is suitable for dark skin. note: We have not tested personally this machine on dark skin tones, we say that it is suitable based on the company’s guarantee and the user reviews. 

Large Treatment Surface: It has a quite large window that makes it suitable to treat larger body areas and not so comfortable for more delicate areas of the body.

Large Number Of Hits– It has a 120,000 hits cartridge that make it last for many years of regular use.

Price– Its price is a bit more expensive from other devices (about $500 price range). The number of hits is big so you will not buy replacement cartridges for years.

Less Power– Its power is less than other devices, up to 9 J/cm2 Tria’s laser power is 7-22 J/cm2)

Overall Me My Elos Syneron Pro Ultra is the best laser hair removal at home device for people with dark skin tones who want to perform laser hair removal treatments and also the only viable choice for them.

badge RemovalLaser hair removal at home is considered to be the best hair removal system. It can be performed using special designed laser machines giving you the opportunity to use the latest technology for removing all your unwanted hair at the comfort of your own house anytime you want.The laser...The best beauty secrets revealed