best hair straighteners 2015 reviewsIf you are reading the various best hair straightener reviews you will notice that there are so many choices available in the market in 2020. Finding the one that suits your needs is not an easy task. We have reviewed the best hair straighteners for 2020 and we present you a list and a small review about each of them, as well as some useful tips in order to find the one that is suitable for your hair type and your needs. Here are the models that we will examine:

ModelMaterialOur RatingPrice
HSI flat iron thumb

HSI Professional’s ionic flat iron

 Ceramic-Ionic *****$$ (on sale right now)
Bio Ionic Hair Straightener thumbBio Ionic One Pass Iron Ceramic – Ionic *****$$$
Remington S9500 PP thumb

Remington S9500 PP

 Ceramic ***$
Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron Thumb

Conair Infinity Pro

 Tourmaline-Ceramic ****$$
Babyliss pro hair straightening iron

BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 

 Titanium *****$$$
TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron

TS-2 Millennium Professional 

 Titanium *****$$
Karmin G3 Salon ProfessionalKarmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic *****$$$$
loreal steam pod thumb

L’Oreal Steam Pod

 Steam-Solid Aluminium ******$$$$$
salona professional flat iron

Salona Professional 1” Titanium Flat Iron

 Titanium **** $$$
conair istant hit thumb
Conair Ceramic Instant Heat
 Ceramic ***** $

How to choose the ideal hair straightener

If you are looking for a flat iron you should know that there are some factors you should take into consideration. First of all you should know the difference between flat iron and a curling iron. The flat iron is used to make the hair flatter and not curlier and different types of flat irons can have different effects on your hair. Their main function is to make the hair straight but they can also be used to wave and curl the hair depending on how you use them. Depending on your hair type you should make the  best fitting choice in order to have the best desirable results.

If you have fine, mostly straight hair:

In this case, you don’t need a straightener that delivers high heat. Look for a ceramic model that has smooth plates to help you take care of the frizz without further damaging your hair.

If you have fine and curly hair:

In case you have very curly and fine hair you should need a hair straightener that has the ability for a variety of temperatures to choose in order to pick up the right one that can give you the desirable mi of texture and density.You should search for a model that has tourmaline or titanium plates.

If you have thick and mostly straight hair:

Thick hair needs more heat than fine hair. You should look for a model that has a lot of temperature settings and a large plate that allows you to even the heat and spread it on your hair making sure that every strand has equal treat.

Curly, thick , coarse hair:In this case you would want to look for a device that could offer to you hair protection along with high heat. An ionized model that protects your hair from overheating is ideal. Look for a model that claims to lock in moisture and not steam it away. Regarding temperature, a 300-400 degree temperature setting would be ideal.

Flat Iron Types

Usually the flat irons come in two shapes. The first one has a thin straightening plate, and the second one a wide plate. The first category models are used for both straightening and curling the hair. You can curl your hair around the entire unit like using a curling iron. They are ideal for short hair and curly hair. The second category is ideal for long hair who can prove more difficult to straighten using the thinner devices. They can flat iron more hair at once and that cuts down the time that you will need to give your hair your preferred style.

Plate Types

There are a lot of different materials that hair straightening plates are made of.

Basic Flat Irons: This is the basic flat iron made from metal plates and having a couple of heat settings like low,medium and high. A model like this could be helpful for people who just occasionally flat their hair and are looking for a basic cheap solution. The only flat irons that have quality and are made from metal plates are the ones that are made from Titanium. There is no other metal that achieve the same amount of flatness that Titanium can. Titanium hair straighteners are usually the high-end products in this market and the ones that are used by the professionals.

Ceramic Flat Irons: Ceramic devices have many different temperature settings. They are very popular and better than basic irons because they have better safety and less chance to burn the shaft of the hair.They are fairly cheap, but its price also depends in the functionality and the features they have.

Tourmaline Flat Irons: Tourmaline is a material that heats up quickly and holds the heat and also one of the most durable materials available. It leaves the hair looking shiny and healthy and is an excellent choice for hair straighteners.

Ionic: Ionic is the most expensive and advanced material that can be used for hair straightening plates. It is an ideal choice for dry hair because the ionic models can trap the moisture in the hair and not let it escape like some other materials do. It may does the best job for most of the hair types but in some cases you can achieve the same results using a different model.

 Best Hair Straightener Reviews 2020

HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron: Value for Money

HSI Professional hair straightener reviewreviews of the best hair straighteners for 2015

Our first model in our best hair straightener reviews is HSI Professional’s iconic flat iron. It is an excellent model to curl and flip hair and can also straighten the frizzed hair with ease retaining their structural integrity, the silky shine and their bulkiness. It has tourmaline/ceramic ion plates and some of its features are:

  • Adjustable temperature setting from 240F to 410F
  • A swivel cord that does not tangle when the device is in use.
  • a 60 minute auto shut off function for extended security

It also comes with a nice traveling bag, a heat glove and a user instruction manual. It has great customer reviews and comes in an affordable price. We choose this as our #1 product in our hair straightener reviews because we believe that it provides the best value for money. Effective and affordable, a great combination.

Bioionic One Pass Iron: Speed and Safety

Bionic One Pass IronReviewreviews of the best flat irons

Now when we are talking about quality, this is the product that has it. Bionic One Pass Iron is an excellent ceramic flat iron that is so fast..yes so is ready in just 5 seconds!! It heats up to 400F and also recovers instantly. Everybody who has used this flat iron say that they finish their hair straightening in almost half the time compared to other models.

Here are some of Bionic’s One Pass Iron features:

  • Strips from silicon that provide extra shine and faster straightening. 
  • Nano-Ionic Mineral fused to plates
  • Locks-in Moisture. Negative Ions in high levels and far infrared energy in order to have conditioned and silky smooth hair.
  • 5 Second Bioceramic Heaters

Remington S9500PP: Budget Friendly

Remington S9500PPhair flat iron straighteners

This ceramic device has wide plates and a special technology to reduce frizz. The straightening plates are infused with pearls by Remington in order to help straighten and nourish the hair. The plates are smooth and your hair will feel good and soft. It is a descent budget-friendly solution that is a great entry – level choice to get the job done properly. It also heats very fast. It is one of the cheap good quality hair straighteners that exist in the market in 2020.

Here are some of Remington’s S9500 PP features:

  • 1 Inch ceramic plates with real pearls. 
  • 30- second heat time. up to 400-degree salon high heat / digital heating control
  • Turbo heat setting
  • Lock on temperature in order to prevent overheating.
  • 60-minute shutoff protection – 3 year warranty.

Conair Infinity Pro:Temperature Control – Less Damage :

Conair Infinity Pro Reviewflat iron reviewsThe Conair Infinity Pro is specially designed in order to damage the hair less and it provides over 30 temperature settings, so it could be very easy to you to find the one that exactly fits your hair type and your needs. It heats up in just 15 seconds and has very very smooth plates. It has one of the highest temperature functions in the market, something that makes it ideal for someone who cannot easily find a styling implement for thick coarse hair.

Some of Conair’s Infinity Pro features are:

BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

babyliss pro hair straightener reviewhair straighteners 2015 reviews

This is a classic and popular model from BaByliss that is recommended by many hair specialists for their clients. It is a lightweight iron with long 5-inch nano titanium plates, ideal for people who have thick hair. It glides easily through the hair and it is very easy to use. It also has the ability to lock-in the moisture emitting negative ions, something that makes it great for coarse, thick hair.

BabyLiss Pro Characteristics:

  • Long nano titanium plates
  • Emits negative ions
  • Heating setting up to 450 degrees for faster curling/straightening / LED temperature
  • Lightweight, ultra- thin.

TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron

TS-2 Millennium professional flat ironbest hair straighteners 2015

TS-2 Millennium Professional has Titanium Plates and a unique ergonomic design. The super smooth plates and the fast heat settings are what make this flat iron unique. With this design you will find it easier to handle this iron close to your head and your ears and you will love the heat settings it has. It has special settings for coarse, thick or curly hair and you just set it depending on your hair type. About its price, there is a special offer right now on Amazon where you can buy it with %46 OFF. Click here to find this special offer:

Some of TS-2 Millennium Professional flat iron features:

  • Programmable temperature settings
  • 1 inche nano-titanium plates
  • 30 seconds heat up
  • 9ft swivel cord
  • 60 min safety shut off 

Karmin G3, The Professional Solution

karmin professional

best hair straighteners 2015

Karmin G3 Salon Professional hair straightener, as the name suggests, is a professional model, considered to be the best available in the market today. If you have a good budget to invest in a hair straightener then this is definitely the top choice. It heats very very fast and has great results making your hair silky, smooth and shiny. It has a ceramic plate with tourmaline crystals and negative ions. Technologically speaking, it is better than any other model.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Features:

  • Variable temperature settings for all hair types
  • Negative Ions technology – Infrared Heat
  • Ion field technology
  • Micro-porous technology to lock in the moisture
  • Micro chip temperature control
  • Tangle free 360° swivel cord (3 meter)
  • 3 year Warranty

Steam POD Review – The Ultimate Professional Steam Iron.

L’Oreal Steam Pod is the best hair straightening solution, that is used by professional hairdressers and is recommended as the safest and most efficient hair straightener that exists in the market. This product trully deserves a separate Steam Pod review and maybe I’ll do it in a separate post. In Europe it is available from L’Oreal and the American version of this product is Redken steam infusion. It is exact the same thing. Let’s see some characteristics and review this product.

steam pod

best hair straighteners 2015


  • Continuous steam flow from the root of the hair to the ends. The steam flow delivered is constant 
  • A thermostat to control temperature with 5 settings: from 340°F to 410°F . Ideal to suit different types of hair and various degrees of hair sensitivity. 
  • Separating comb that is removable for positioning the hair before going in the plates and in order to have an even straightening.
  • Anodized coating to the double technology plates.
  • Floating plates that provide an even pressure on the hair regardless of its thickness.


The results of the steam pod are fantastic. The continuous flow of steam delivers conditioning treatments and gives an incredible shine and silky feel to the hair.

Cheap Flat Iron Hair Straighteners 2020

Finally we will present you a couple of more budget friendly options that are descent and can do the job right.

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener

conair ceramic instant heatbest flat irons 2015

These ultra wide plates are ideal to treat thick and mostly straight hair and even the heat. It is a great device for its price and has some excellent customer reviews.

Characteristics of Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener:

  • 2 – Inch wide ceramic plates , even heat and gentle to your hair.
  • 400F highest heat, 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Heat recovery system to restore the temperature of the plate to the optimum level for best results.
  • 25 heat settings to fit every hair type.
  • Turbo Heat Feature


Salona Professional 1″ Titanium Flat Iron Hair StraightenerSalona Professional Flat Iron Reviewbest hair straighteners

This beauty is a last minute discovery for us. We discussed this and decided to include it into our review because it has excellent reviews, and it is a Titanium Straightener that is very affordable. It comes with a heat resistant travel bag and its a great deal. Take a look at the characteristics of this device and CLICK HERE to find it in the cheapest price online.

Characteristics of Salona Professional Device:

  • Titanium Plates, smooth and safe.
  • Temperature Display in LCD mode
  • Auto turn-off
  •  255F – 400F controlled temperature
  • 110/220V Dual Voltage (you can use it worldwide)

We hope you enjoyed reading our hair straightener reviews and you have managed to find some models that will suit your needs. We believe that we have presented the top models in the market for 2020 and we will try to update our post with newer models when the time comes. Feel free to leave your comments and your thoughts and if you liked our article don’t forget to share! 🙂

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