We all want to have a look that captivates. One of the best products you can use to accomplish this is liquid eyeliner. When we are talking about the best drugstore liquid eyeliner, we are talking about the best bullet for your beauty weapon. Who does not admit that Merlin Monroe and Maria Callas had the most captivating and striking eyes? A more recent example is Amy Whinehouse. Thanks to liquid eyeliner they had managed to give us the standard image of star. Of course we do not refuse their talent! For this reason, I highly suggest you to show off the star that is hiding inside you!!!

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Look at my suggestions below and choose the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that can turn you into a star!!! Also, don’t forget to check the video at the end of this article to learn the best way to apply your liquid eyeliner. If you are looking for a cheap liquid eyeliner this is the right place to find one to suit your needs. Enjoy!



Maybelline New York is one of my favorite drugstore brands and this is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner in my humble opinion! Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner has a dense black color and has a continuous flow without spacing out and is very easy to apply. The tip is very thin and could be easily used either for doing a barely visible thin line to add a little depth or a thick line to give a 60’s style look. It has a very good staying power and can easily come off using makeup remover. It is a cheap liquid eyeliner but it has very good quality. It has the best value for money in this category, this is why it occupies the #1 spot in our list.

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Stila Stay All Day is an easy-application and waterproof liquid eyeliner from Stila that is easily considered to be the best drugstore liquid eyeliner in 2018. It dries fast and will not smudge or smear. It will not be removed from your face until you use your makeup remover! It glides very very easy and it is a piece of cake to use. Also, if you want to create the perfect cat eye look the brush applicator will help a lot. It is not a cheap liquid eyeliner and may cost a bit more than the others, but the results with this baby will worth your money. If you read the online customer reviews in Amazon you will see that is a popular product with many sales and 99% satisfied customers. Totally recommended if you want to spend some more for a worthy result.



Physicians Formula Eye liner

This is something different from the classic eye liner. Physicians Formula Eye Booster has a special formula that enhances the appearance of eyelashes with the help of a serum. The tip is a very small ultra fine brush that is great for application. It is also very easy to fix any mistakes because it does not set immediately, something that makes it ideal for beginners. The color is deep black and you can easily create layers and make anything from a very thin to a thick and bold line. About the serum, many people say that the serum has excellent results and made their eyelashes grow. If this serum actually works, it make this product an ideal combo for growing your eyelashes and making your desirable lines on your eyes!



loreal paris best eyeliner

This eyeliner by L’oreal Paris has an ultra fine felt tip that can easily give you better control in order to deliver the desirable amount of eyeliner! You can do precise lines even 0.4 millimeter with this felt tip technology! It can be easily build up if you want to make thicker lines and the color is very nice,a deep bold black. The only downside is that it may be a bit difficult to correct, that is why I recommend this eyeliner for more experienced users and not beginners.



silvercell waterproof eyeliner

Another waterproof eyeliner in our suggestions that is also very cheap. It has good pigment and is rich and defined! It stays all day long, glides easily on the eyes and can work very well for you. The downsides are that it cracks in pieces if you rub on it and it also has strong smell. The smell goes away when it dries. Overall it has great value for money if you consider the super low cost of this eyeliner. Here is its current price: 



prestige liquid eyeliner best

Even though this eyeliner is not waterproof it can easily last all day long. It is a quality eyeliner that comes in a good price and has an excellent deep black color! The brush on this eyeliner is excellent and looks like a felt-tip marker but not being very stiff like others. Also, it does not smudge when applying. On the downside, it may be a bit hard to get the right thickness but experienced users will not have any trouble with this.


almay liquid eyeliner

Almay’s Eyeliner has a flexible tip and water resistant color that can last up to 16 hours. It is very gentle on the skin, ideal for sensitive skins and a great black color that does not blur or smudge easily. The brush is ideal for medium to thick applications but not as useful for very thin application. Overall it is a top drugstore liquid eyeliner choice in a very very cheap price. Check it out yourself:

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How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner -VIDEO Tutorial

After you have chosen the best drugstore liquid eyeliner for 2018 it is time for application. Applying liquid eyeliner might be quite intimidating for beginners, this video presents you how to apply your favorite drugstore liquid eyeliner and create a smooth line without much trouble. This is one of the best videos explaining the procedure for beginners in a quick and easy way. Brought to you by the Birtchbox  .

I always love to find drugstore eyeliners and experiment with lot of them. I hope you enjoyed our reviews and you have found a cheap liquid eyeliner to experiment with. I do the same thing with drugstore blushes. You will see that if you use it the right way, the star hiding inside you will appear and shine!

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