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We found and present you the best ancient Greece beauty secrets straight from 400 B.C. Learn what ancient greeks used in their everyday life in order to improve their skin and their appearance.

1. Olive OilBowl of Olive Oil

The Greek mythical olive oil which Homer mentions as liquid gold” is used for centuries as an ingredient for the manufacture of medicines and perfumes, as a cleanser of the body and as a cosmetic for skin and hair. The oil combines the soothing properties of a vegetable oil with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components of the olive. So not only moisturizes and soothes the skin but also helps to keep young and elastic.
Peeling with salt and olive oil:
Mix 1 tsp. olive oil with salt. Then with this mixture rub the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead to clear pores and black specks finally rinse with lukewarm water.

2. Honeyhoney-lemon skin whitening recipe

To honey since ancient times began to refer to the main components of many known cosmetics and is a valuable ingredient for the treatment and care of skin and hair. Growing up skin aging and lose our elasticity dries and makes wrinkles. Honey because it absorbs and retains the molecules of water, a moisturizing agent when added in proper proportion to cosmetic keeping the skin fresh, smooth, soft and supple.

Facial Mask with milk and honey:

Mix 4 tablespoons milk, 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons of lemon. Spread the mixture evenly on your face, especially if it has discoloration from the sun and leave for 15 minutes. When the mixture has dried, rinse with cold water.
This mask is perfect for dull and tired skin, and stimulates, refreshes and relaxes the skin leaving it smooth, soft and shiny.

3. Herbal infusions

The secret of health and beauty is well hidden in herbs, native plants ie particularly those that grow in cultivated fields and used as medicines for various diseases. These are the plants used by Hippocrates, Galen and Dioscorides and that, in the throes of chemical laboratories, forgotten to regain value in recent decades. In Greek nature thrive numerous herbs, but with the great taste and others with their fragrance, but offer benefits and make our mood. Some herbs can help in weight loss, giving an additional boost in metabolic rate. This is achieved thanks to enzymes and vitamins they contain, which “trigger” both bodies process fat and excretory pathways of the body.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the oldest foods known to man. “Therapeutic substancecalled it the ancient Greeks because of the beneficial properties of yoghurt on human health. Furthermore the Greek yogurt is rich in protein which is very important for the production of collagen and maintaining youthfulness of the skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid and alpha hydroxy, which are perfect for removing dead cells and decongestion of resources.
Hair mask with yogurt.
Mix 1/2 cup. full yogurt, 3 tablespoons honey and one egg yolk. Apply the mask to your hair, put the special shower cap and leave on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

5. Olives

The olive tree lighted, nourished, cured, crowned, beautify and identified with high ideals and inspired the thriving for Greek civilization.
Symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, strength and beauty, it was worshiped for thousands of years. The fruit of the olive tree is considered to be blessed from the ancient greeks and has also been proved bless for our beauty.

The properties of olives are the following:
1. Products with olive prevent irritation of the skin and restore softness.
2. Olive leaves have strong antioxidant properties.
3. The beverage with olive leaves can be used against various diseases such as hypertension, arrhythmia and muscle spasms.
4. The olive has been proved helpful for pain, fever, and various infections.
6. The olive extract has significant anti-microbe action.
7. Helps in cases of osteoporosis.
8. Considered an antiseptic and healing component.

6. Sea Salt

In ancient greek times the salt had high value and was being used as a means of transactionsHippocrates (450 BC) was the first to recognize the healing properties of salt. Salt used to treat infections, strokes and other diseases. Paracelsus (1500 AD) wrote that we humans undoubtedly need the salt and no salt would disintegrate everything. Salt makes skin softer, supple and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. It acts as a moisturizer for dry chapped skin and balances the oily skin.

Foot bath for tired feet:
Put your feet in a basin and pour lukewarm water until it reaches the ankles. Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 heaped handful of sea salt (preferably thick) and rest 5.
Salt and apple cider vinegar have antibacterial properties. So in addition to rest, offer solution against foot odor.

7. Claywhite clay and egg natural skin tightening mask

The clay used since ancient times by many cultures around the world, and because of its wide use in modern cosmetology. This is a particular type of soil (rock) soft and heavy, consisting of extremely fine grains. Rich in rare microorganisms, plant residues and minerals accumulated there over the years, the clay is known for cleansing, moisturizing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

There are various types of clays:

• The red clay: It is rich in iron and minerals. Improves microcirculation and gives radiance to dull skin.
The green clay: is rich in magnesium, silica, alumina and lime. It is ideal for cleaning, is antiinflammatory, absorbent and adsorbent. Recommended in person for seborrhea and greasy hair. n and adsorption of intestinal gas.
The white or gray clay: is rich in silica, and is ideal for cleaning and healing. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry and irritated skin.
The pink clay: is a mixture of red and white clay used for sensitive and irritated skin.
The yellow clay: It is rich in manganese is used for mature skin and brittle hair.

Hair mask against oiliness:
Stir in a little water two to four tablespoons of green clay until it becomes a paste. Then rub the scalp and after releasing the clay on for about half an hour, rinse and wash your hair normally.

8. Frankincense

The Frankincense symbolizes our union with the deepest and the divine part of our soul. That’s because purifies our emotional world. The spicy scent of wood contributes to internal cleaning of our offensive actions smoothing our feelings. The nourishes” positive. Simultaneously refreshes and calms. It even antiseptic, digestive, sedative. By aromatherapists, recommended as an effective anti-aging and not unjustly. It has amazing results especially in the renewal tired and aged skin. The revitalizes and rejuvenates.

Face mask with butter, honey, incense and orange materials


• 1 teaspoon butter milk
• 1 teaspoon honey slightly diluted
• 3 drops of essential oils of frankincense
orange juice


Allow little butter at room temperature and the melt together with the honey and little orange juice. After the mixture is uniform, add frankincense essential oil and stir. Apply the mask to face and neck avoiding the eye area, and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and hydrated.
This mask gives elasticity and radiance to mature skin and combats wrinkles.

9. Almondalmond oil

The almond is known since ancient times for cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. Symbol of female beauty to the Chinese symbol promise in Jewish culture, but also a symbol of spring, patience and hope in Greek mythology. Almonds are rich in vitamins E and K, has significant anti-aging and healing properties for the skin. Also, it is rich in palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid, important for their stimulant properties on the skin, and trace elements such as zinc and iron, necessary for balancing the skin functions.

The properties of almond are:

It has emollient properties and deeply hydrates
Improves blood circulation so the skin gets its lost sfrigilotata
It is extremely suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes brighten dark circles and smoothes wrinkles
Improves skin and keeps the shine
Delays aging process
The hair becomes stronger and hair loss decreases
Nourishes and strengthens lashes
Heals chapped lips

Beauty Mask refreshes & revitalizes skin: 

a) apple (1/4)
b) peach (1/2)
c) Tomato (1/2)
d) milk (1/4 cup medium size)
e) almond oil (1 tablespoon)


clean fruits and tomatoes from the peel and mash them. Begin to heat over medium heat the pulp and add the milk and almond oil and then stir until the mixture to obtain a cream. Then let the custard cool.
Apply a thick layer that the mask for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.


10. Aloealoe vera feautured

One of the most famous reports on aloe vera is one of Christoforos Columbus, who wrote: “Four plants are essential to human health: wheat, vines, olive and aloe vera. The first nourishes him, the second revives the spirit, the third gives harmony and the fourth cures him. “

Aloe Vera is considered to act as an antiseptic, increasing the diffusion of blood to the injured area and induce the tissues and skin cells that are responsible for the treatment of wound.
Aloe Vera Help heal small burns. Between nutrients of Aloe Vera are included: vitamins A, C and E. H vitamin A (retinol) is famous for its regenerative properties of the cells and is widely used in cosmetology as an anti-aging ingredient. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and boosts the immune system while helping to create the collagen of the skin and maintain health.
Vitamin E has antioxidant and regenerative properties, protects the skin, preventing the damage of the cell membrane. Aloe Vera is also a rich source of minerals (eg iron, chromium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc.), enzymes (have excellent healing properties for the skin and tissues), amino acids and other nutrients .
The plant is considered good for digestive diseases such as ulcers, dyspepsia, constipation, and ulcerative colitis. It can help substantially patients with arthritis and diabetes, due to enhancement of the immune system, always in combination with the drugs needed for each disorder.

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The main benefits of aloe vera are:

Detoxification: The juice of the aloe vera is ideal for detoxification because it is full
vitamins and minerals. Drinking juice can thus help our body to cope with the everyday demands.

Digestive disorders: Aloe vera has a substantial effect on digestive disorders such as heartburn, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. Specifically, soothes the esophagus and reduces the discomfort of acid reflux. Alongside Aloe helps improve bowel function

Oral hygiene: The juice of the aloe vera leaf may help to visit the dentist less often, as it significantly improves gum health.

Diabetes: In laboratory studies, the daily consumption of just half teaspoon of juice from aloe vera, a period of 14 weeks, can reduce blood sugar levels by 45% .Voitha bowel movement: The juice of aloe contains anthraquinones glycosides A and B, which are potent natural laxatives.

Weight Management: In addition to healing properties, aloe vera has been used in the past as a means to combat obesity and maintain a healthy weight.

Strengthening the immune system: The leaves of aloe vera have large amounts of antioxidants which fight free radicals and enhance the activity of the immune system.

Dandruff: Aloe can reduce the symptoms of dandruff, soothing
while itching. The gel (gel) of aloe can be used before the shampoo for best results.

Burns: If you touch the stove or burning iron, put cream juice or aloe gel in the burned area and repeat until the burning to leave. In need, cut a leaf from the pot, wash, open it in half and put it on the minor burn. The gel of aloe vera is probably the best remedy for burns. Good to have a draft tube with you for this purpose. Also equally effective in the treatment of burns from sun exposure.

For small cuts and abrasions: First clean the wound and then apply aloe or soak a bandage with aloe juice and tie him to the area. Repeat until the cut or skinning close. The regenerative effect of aloe will help to quickly heal the small wound.

For eczema: You here to use aloe vera externally as an ointment, but also to drink 1-2 teaspoons daily until the eczema has shown improvement.

Skin: Perhaps the most famous use of aloe vera is the application and its positive impact in a number of skin problems. Apart from psoriasis, aloe vera is useful for hydrating and detoxifying the skin, removing scars and marks, fighting inflammation and overall skin rejuvenation.

possible side effects

In general, the aloe vera plant is safe, it is sufficient to properly used. Always follow the instructions of the pharmacist because the excessive use may have side effects TipsWe found and present you the best ancient Greece beauty secrets straight from 400 B.C. Learn what ancient greeks used in their everyday life in order to improve their skin and their appearance. 1. Olive Oil The Greek mythical olive oil which Homer mentions as 'liquid gold' is used for centuries as an...The best beauty secrets revealed