geisha beauty secretsHave you ever wondered what beauty secrets are hiding behind the Asian womens’ appearance? Asian women generally have great and smooth skin, shiny hair and low breast cancer rates. They follow traditional beauty standards tested through the centuries and they use the same natural ingredients used by their grandmothers and their great-great-grandmothers. Let’s take a look at the top 5 herbs and plant extracts from Asia and the best Asian beauty secrets that are timeless and passed from one generation to another.

Ingredients Used in Asian Skincare Routine

CoconutCoconut Oil Beauty Recipes

Coconut is an ancient tree  that first appeared after the dinosaurs era. 55 million years old coconut fossils were found in India. One of the traditional Indian beauty recipies is to massage the head with warm coconut oil and sleep with it. It gives the hair volume and and shine while it fights dandruff. However, the benefits of coconut and coconut oil are not only towards the hair and skin but also the mind and even the teeth. It is a rich source of vitamin E, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants and also protects against the UV radiation and speeds up skin regeneration, all this thanks to the low molecular weight that makes it to be rapidly absorbed by the human skin.

Finally, it is used in aromatotherapy in order to improve the mood and reduce the stress levels.



The cosmetic benefits of rice were discovered back in the 16th century. In Bali rice is considered to be the embodiment of Ntegoui Sri, the ancient goddess of life and fertility. In China, archaeological excavations have revealed rice that was eatn 7000 years ago. In Europe, rice was introduced by the soldiers of Alexander the Great who conquered the eastern world. In Japan, geishas used to grind rice and used rice powder in order to have a pure white appearance. Rice has many benefits for skin care and makeup: Enzymes that do gentle exfoliation of skin and contributing to fight acne, rice oil that is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants; it also has excellent moisturizing and anti-aging properties for the skin and the hair.


This root is one of the most important components of Chinese medicine. It has a long list of benefits:

Strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to infections and helps in quick recovery, it improves the energy levels for the elderly and the sick who suffer with chronic diseases, it stregthnens memory and concentration and also relieves depression. Also, according to surveys it improves the sexual performance of men.
Regarding cosmetic properties: It helps in better blood circulation and thus oxygenation of the skin, it has anti-inflammatory action and also kills bacteria that cause acne, combats eye puffiness and signs of fatigue, while giving tighteness and energy to old skin.

Soyasian beauty secrets, soy

This is the only plant that contains all 22 amino acids that our body needs. Soybeans, which began to be cultivated in China 5,000 years ago, is considered one of the best beauty ingredients. It contains calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins B, folic acid and isoflavones. Isoflavones which are found in anti-aging formulas for mature skin are phytoestrogens that are used to relieve the symptoms of menopause which have the following impacts on the skin: reduction of skin’s thickness, reduced elasticity, deep wrinkles, dryness and dehydration.

Bamboobamboo is an asian beauty secret

A symbol of feng shui, bamboo is consider to attract good luck, happiness and wealth. As a cosmetic ingredient it favors the health of the hair the skin and nails. Silicon that is derived from bamboo helps the absorption of other minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and also promotes the collagen regeneration streghtening the nails and hair.
It also supports the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, which are needed for proper hydration of the skin. Finally, the bamboo extract and bamboo powder soothe the eczema and bamboo powder absorb redundant oilness and soothe mild eczema or psoriasis problems.asian beauty secrets

Double cleansing: The Japanese Ritual

The Japanese are famous for their shiny and luminous skin. It may be caused from the genes, but there is also another reason:  One of the most popular traditional Japanese beauty tips is double facial cleansing. Centuries ago women in Japan used to paint their faces  bright white. In order to remove this heavy makeup that looked like paint they created cleansing oil ,a product that was worshiped by the Asian and then spreaded throughout the world. BB Cream was also one of the products that was worshiped by the Asian first, although it is a German invention.

These are the 2 steps of the Asian skincare routine:

  • The first step of this ritual is cleansing with special cleansing balm or oil in order to reveal the natural skin.
  • The second step is the use of a creamy soap that removes dirt and dead skin cells.

asian beauty secrets

Top 5 beauty secrets of Asian skincare routine

Let’s see the 5 most important Asian beauty secrets that are still being used by Asian women in their everyday skincare routine.

  • Brushing the skin before showering:Before having a shower, we brush our dry body using a wooden brush made from natural hair. We do it for one minute for each region of the body (thighs, legs, buttocks, back, arms, abdomen). Small pimples will be treated and our skin will shine.
  • SPF: In Japan white skin is still in fashion: The Japanese use necessarily sunscreen. Some of them also use an umbrella. Good way to say goodbye to photoaging.
  • Moisturizing mist: Asian women tend to have a moisturizing antioxidant spray in their bag that use every moment in order to stimulate their skin but also to renew their makeup.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is a real treasure in the form of beverage, which has detoxifying properties and helps to delay the signs of aging.
  • The different application of cream: Unlike us Western women who rub the cream on our face, Korean women spread the cream with light heeltaps, starting from the neck and moving upwards. That way they stimulate the microcirculation and elevate the energy levels of the skin. Tips  Have you ever wondered what beauty secrets are hiding behind the Asian womens' appearance? Asian women generally have great and smooth skin, shiny hair and low breast cancer rates. They follow traditional beauty standards tested through the centuries and they use the same natural ingredients used by their grandmothers and their...The best beauty secrets revealed