We all like those small massaging wands that can relax sore muscles and help us feel so much better. The Alessandro Yarosi mini wand is one of the smallest, yet the most sophisticated units on the market today. Let’s check out what it has to offer and why it is so special.

Advantages of an original model

The first thing we must include here is to advise you to purchase only original model. There are so many copies, or better said counterfeits on the market. They feature smaller electric motor and smaller battery. All of this means that you get a longer massaging time and the end result won’t be as great as you would expect.  As such, the original model, which comes with the logo of the brand and suitable size is far better than any of those copies.

Small, yet powerful vibrations

The main advantage of this model is in the vibrations it has to offer. First of all, they are much stronger than you get from other models, so the pleasure you will experience is much better as well. These vibrations are just perfect for massaging the neck, shoulders, and feet.  Still, they are not invasive, so you won’t experience any side effects by using this massager.  As you may know, the main goal is to relieve tension and to help sore muscles. The first results can be noticed within a matter of minutes.

Safe for massaging scalp as well

Here you must know that stronger vibrations are not ideal for massaging the scalp. After all, they are too strong and your head is too sensitive. As such, some massagers cannot be used for this purpose. Luckily, the massaging wand here isn’t one of them. It can be used for massaging’s scalp at any given moment and it is perfectly safe to use for a longer period of time. You will feel how headaches are eliminated from your life and how better you will feel afterward.

8 speeds and 20 different patterns

What is something that makes a massager so special? The answer is the available speed feature. The more, the merrier. Here we have 8 different speeds. Each one is suitable for a specific purpose and depends on a user will it be chosen. Entry-level seeds are recommended for longer massaging times, while faster ones are ideal for short and powerfulmassages.

20 different patterns are equally important. Not only you can easilyshift between them, but you can also memorize the one you prefer and use it straight away you turn on the massager. Patterns include all simulations of popular massages.

Completely waterproof

You probably prefer massaging while taking a shower. Sadly, it is difficult to find a therapist who will massage you then! This massager will. The design is made to protect the inner components from water and moisture. In other words, you can use it while taking a shower at any given moment. You can also leave it in the bathroom where a high level of moisture is present. Overall, this unit is immune to the water and it will withstand all related usages you have on your mind.

Bag and a USB wall charger

The Yarosi wand comes with a small pouch which allows you to carry it anywhere you want. We should add that the pouch looks modern and very appealing. Be prepared to answer a question or two regarding the unit inside a pouch. By the way, it looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Another, important element in the package is wall-charger. Keep in mind that this is a fast-charging version, so you will recharge the battery as soon as possible. Sadly, the charger is optimized for US market, so you may need an adapter when traveling or if you live outside the United States.

Long lasting battery life

Once recharged, a battery will last for 30 hours. This applies to running time specifically, even when you use the highest speed settings and the most complicated patterns. Here we can see a major difference between this wand and counterfeit units. Their batteries can last for 2-6 hours, tops! Running time of 30 hours is more than just perfect when you travel.


  • Battery life of 30 hours
  • Offers 8 different speed settings and 20 patterns
  • Pouch and a wall charger are included in the package
  • Suitable for athletes and those who want to relax
  • Waterproof


  • Some components are made from cheap material
  • Speed button is too sensitive



Regardless of being an athlete or you are looking for a massager to help you relax, the Alessandro Yarosi Cordless Waterproof Massage Wand is just perfect. Basically, it is small, powerful and loaded with features. Chances are so high that you are going to adore this product after the first use.

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