hair mistakes (2)Usually, hair is one big part of a woman’s charm. That’s why we want to take care of the appearance of our hair. They want them to look great and we invest a lot of time – and money to achieve that. But there are some habits that at first glance may seem harmless, but eventually they actually destroy our hair, even if we think that they are good for our hair. How many of the following mistakes you do? Try to avoid them.

1.Apply styling products from the roots.

There is the exception of some special products, but it is best to avoid applying styling products straight from the roots of our hair.  This will lubricate the hair unwittingly and there is the possibility that the chemical residues will stay on the root of the hair, harming the skin.

2.Hairspray before Hairdrying.


If you make the mistake to put hairspray on the hair and then “form” them with the hair dryer, the hair straightener or the hair curling iron, your hair will automatically burn. You will notice that from the beep that makes the hair when the heat touches them.

Always keep in mind that all the styling products should always be put at the end, once you have dried or combed the hair.


3. Sleep with Wet Hair

If you sleep with wet hair to dry them naturally, you are on the right track because you are trying to avoid the hairdryer, but from the other hand, you hurt them. During our sleep we change many positions, so that causes the back of the hair to frizz. The frizz in turn, makes the hair weaker. Remove the towel from your pillow and always try to dry your hair before bed.

4. Bake them (Dry them on high temperature)

burned hair

Heat is not hair’s friend. We are used to raise the temperature of the dryer wanting to achieve an impressive straight wool or perfectly formed curls. That causes the hair to burn to be weaker and sluggish. We may achieve a short term result, but the long term results will be bad for our hair.

5. The constantly messing with your hands

As difficult as it is, try not to ‘tease’ your hair during the day. Why; Quite simply, the more you touch them, the easier they become oiled and they need washing.

6. Frequent shampooing

Frequent shampooing is one of the seemingly “innocent” habits but it may be fatal to the health of our hair. Daily bathing and frequent use of shampoo deplete the natural oils found in the scalp and keep hair shiny and healthy. Thus, frequent bathing them, they lose the shine you are trying to achieve with their daily cleaning. Experts recommend shampooing every two or three days. This is the ideal frequency.

7. Ponytail is harmful …

ponytail 2

One of the most cherished moments in a woman’s day is when she comes back home and makes her ponytail. But what they do not realize is that the tight rubber bands damage the hair. They may cause “breaking” of hair and intense frizz. … It is advisable to stop this habit. If you can’t, start using the known  otherwise start using the known hairgrips.

8. Use the Same Shampoo for Decades …

showering hair

You may always want to use your favorite shampoo, but you should probably think otherwise! When you wash your hair with the same shampoo for a long time the product is no longer effective and thus the hair gets oiled faster.

9. Do not Follow the Instructions of the Hair Dye

hair paint

Always follow the instructions of the hair dye. Many women when they dye their hair, use a greater amount of dye that indicated on the package, making the hair suffer. Follow the directions and avoid sudden changes in color. Experts recommend that the appropriate shade should be one or two tones darker or lighter from your hair.

10. Do not put a Shower Cap on when you do not Wash your Hair

A shower cap is necessary when you want to make a body shower and not wash your hair. This will keep your hair dry and protect them from unwanted moisture that will make your hair look greasy, even if it is not!

These are the 10 most common mistakes that destroy hair. Try to avoid them in order to maintain healthier and attractive hair. If you like our article, remember to share 🙂

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Nicole BrooksHair CareUsually, hair is one big part of a woman's charm. That's why we want to take care of the appearance of our hair. They want them to look great and we invest a lot of time - and money to achieve that. But there are some habits that at...The best beauty secrets revealed