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Vichy Slow Age Review : The new Vichy’s Cream

To tell you the truth, I was never a huge fan of Vichy products. But, when I found out that a new innovative anti-aging cream having the concept of slow-life is going to hit the markets in September, I thought that I should definitely try it. Well, it seems like it was a great decision to make.

The slow-life philosophy aims to slow down the speed of our lives and make us take the time needed to appreciate each moment and live peacefully. The modern life harms our skin with stress, pollution, hormones, damage from the sun and free radicals. This is what this cream tries to fight. So let’s see, what is so special in Vichy Slow Age cream?

According to Vichy, these are the three most important ingredients included in this cream.

  • Extract from Baicalin root that is a strong anti-oxidant. Baicalin root is a plant that can be found in China and has many benefits like resistant to UVA and UVB rays and very low temperatures.
  • Bifidus lysate probiotic. Bifidus reduces the skin sensitivity and reinforces the natural defence of the skin.
  • Vichy’s mineralising thermal water

Here is a video explaining what is the Baicalin plant and its qualities regarding skincare.


Personal Review of Vichy Slow Age

The cream is a day cream, it has SPF 25 and I prefer to use it in the morning before I go to work. It has a slight but pleasant scent, like a very soft flowering cologne. It has a thin and light texture and it does not feel heavy at all. It gets absorbed imeddiately and feels like a velvet touch. From the first days your skin becomes brighter and softer. The results are really good and this is a cream that will be one of my first choices for daily skincare.

I’ll keep the Vichy Slow Age review small and simple, there is not much to say except that it is an excellent anti-aging cream that feels good and reinforces your skin making it stronger and brighter. I totally recommend this if you are looking

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