The ritual of makeup, whether you do it on your own or with a help from an expert, is something like a puzzle, especially the first few times you try to do it. This is because many of makeup products exist nowadays and often the makeup artists find themselves making different combinations in order to achieve the desired results.

 How many times have you wondered: what to paint first? The lips, the eyes or my cheeks? Put the mascara first or after the eyliner? Should I always wear cream under my makeup?

Whatever your query is there is one thing that is certain: there is not only one route to follow but there are some basic rules in order to make the makeup products spread and stand right. So, The Beauty Tonic presents you the six basic steps in order to achieve fast and successful application of makeup.

Step 1: Moisturizer or primer:

Always cleanmoisturizer-primer the skin applying moisturizing cream or primer. Use one of these two, depending on your skin type, your needs and the circumstances for which you apply the makeup.

 In recent years the primer products have flooded the market and are the best solution for a well-ballanced makeup. If you want to apply makeup in the morning never forget to use sunscreen either as a base for makeup or within moisturizing or primer.

Step 2:Makeup or foundation:

Select the most appropriate color which fits your foundation makeupskin color for a well-ballanced result, . You could have two different shades, one darker for the summer and one lighter for the winter.

Of course you can the mix them especially in the transitional periods, spring, autumn. Put your makeup first and paint your eyes after and not vice versa. This is because if some shade residues fall to clean skin it is more difficult to correct than if you wear makeup. Each correction course wants attention, to achieve a well ballanced result again, but it is preferable to have the base ready.

Step 3:  Concealer:

 This is the “magiccream to coverconcealer imperfections. It is often used after makeup, especially under the eyes, to give shine to the look, covering dark circles and show the face calm and relaxed.Select a color that suits your skin, but is one or two tones lighter than your makeup, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Choosing a consealer look for its density. You should choose a consiler that is fluid in order to spread easily, but also be able to remain on the skin.One point that should pay close attention to is when you want to use consealer you must have put extra eye cream. Never put concealer on eyes without cream, because the  skin gets dehydrated and is filled with fine lines under the eyes. Especially for teenage girls, never use concealer and powder without cream. Beyond concealers for under eyes use, there are those that cover pimples, spider veins and other skin imperfections.

Step 4: Eyes or lips:

eyes and lips Paint depending on your skills and the desirable result you want. Professionals usually paint the eyes first. Select any step that serves you best.

Eyes. If you are not sure of your skill, put a little powder under the eyes, so if you drop shadow remains you can remove them with a brush.

How to paint the eyes is another great chapter, depending on the look you want to achieve, the season and the fashion trends, but also the occasion.

In the eyes usually apply the shadow first, after the pencil or eyeliner in order to highlight the contours and end mascara.

You can skip any of these steps depending on the time, eg if it is morning you can put less pencil and more mascara.

Lips: The lips is another important category. Keep your lips always well hydrated, so they get a healthy look at the end of the makeup, without chipping and cracking.

Never forget the contour of the lips, because it is the limits” you have in order to paint your lips, but mainly because it helps to correct imperfections of your lips, eg to increase or decrease their size.

Select the lip contour shades and lipstick to give well-ballanced results and avoid conflicts. After the lipstick, use a transparent lipgloss to have a natural effect or a color that will accentuate your lips and makes them more fleshy.

Step 5:Blush:

Many makeup artists put the powder first.blush When you apply your makeup alone at home maybe it is better to apply the blush first. This is because if you make a mistake, eg it looks more intense, you can easily fix it putting a little more light powder.

 The blush is usually placed strongly on the “apples” of the face and turn off towards the ears and temples. Pay attention to the amount you use.

Step 6:Powder:

The last step, for a well-ballanced makeupmakeup powder is the powder, which is good to be placed using a brush. Choose the color of your choice, always in harmony with the color of your skin and, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

A transparent powder will perfect your makeup and will have a more natural result. A darker powder will give the nice aspect of tanned. The choice is yours. UpThe ritual of makeup, whether you do it on your own or with a help from an expert, is something like a puzzle, especially the first few times you try to do it. This is because many of makeup products exist nowadays and often the makeup artists find themselves...The best beauty secrets revealed