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Test Your Lipstick Or Eye Shadow For Lead

Here’s a simple tip I have for you to test if your lipstick contains lead.
If your lipstick last longer more than usual this may be caused because it contains a high percentage of lead.

Lead is a chemical that ccould possible cause cancer. The more lead a lipstick contains, the more increased is the risk for your health. Most brands of lipstick contain lead. Be extra cautious about lipsticks that are designed to last longer. Also, eye-shadows may contain lead and you can perform the following test either using a lipstick or an eye shadow. After the test we provide you with a list of popular lipsticks that are safe and lead-free.

Try this simple test your own :

Put some lipstick on your hand. Using a gold ring rub the color. If the color of the lipstick turns black then you know that it contains lead in high percentage. Use the same test for your eye-shadow and see if it contains lead. It is a quite common substance in eye-shadows too. 

You can also run a similar test like the one explained in the video below:

List of Lipsticks that are Lead-Free

performed a wide study to discover which lipsticks contain lead. According to their research, these popular lipsticks do not have any detectable levels of lead:


2. Body Shop Lip Colour Garnet

3. Estee Lauder Maraschino



6. Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lipstick





There are also other lipsticks in the market that they are lead-free and safe, but these are the ones that Campain of Safe Cosmetics checked and guarantees their safety. I am making a research about eye-shadows too and I will update the post as soon as I have my results. Till then, stay safe and choose your cosmetics wisely !

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