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13 Useful Tips For Summer Makeup

Summer is a magical season. Who doesn’t love summer? In summertime the weather conditions, the sea, the sun and the air affect our skin and alter our facial makeup needs. Follow these 13 tips for your summer care and beauty:

1. Hydration and Eye Cream

Before applying your makeup, clean your face thoroughly applying a suitable moisturizer for your skin type and a special cream for the tired area around your eyes.

2. Use only Concealer

Forget base makeup/foundation for a while. It becomes heavy on the skin and smudge with a lot of heat. Cover the shadows, the spots and blemishes locally with a simple concealer of your choice.

3. Moisturizing cream for full coverage.


If you feel that something is missing without the base, cover the face with a tinted moisturizer that will maintain a uniform skin tone. Alternatively, choose a sunscreen with the light cover that will give your skin a smooth result and also protect you from the harmful rays.

4. Make it like the sun …

There are some spots of the face where the sun accentuates them more. Apply a shiny bronze make-up on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the forehead and the tip of the chin to get the corresponding natural result. (photo)

5. Avoid mascara that does not come off easily

If your waterproof mascara is uncomfortable use a normal one, colored on the upper lashes. Pass a hand with transparent mascara in order to protect and continue using the transparent mascara to the bottom lashes.

6. Highlight the eyes

Create a smokey look with a deep bronze shade or apply a lighter, eg peach for a pale result. The aim is always to highlight your eyes giving them shine instead of contour.

7. Cocoa Butter instead of lipstick

Because summer lips suffer from the sun and heat, avoid using heavy lipstick and lip-gloss. Cocoa butter, which comes in many colors, make sure you work together and lips.

8. Light blush

If you want your face to show shiny and your makeup is light, use a light blush (coral, peach or pink for more girlish result) and apply without excesses.

9. Wear Sunscreen always and everywhere

Of course, wherever you are during the summer days, you should not forget to put on a good face sunscreen, to avoid fatigue and dehydration of your skin. Choose one of the and use it every day.

10. Think smart …

To avoid overload your skin with many materials which are very likely not to work in harmony with each other, invest in a BB Cream. The BB Cream offers coverage without feeling heavy.The heavy make up and foundation, which is heavier should better be avoided during summer months.

11. Careful in Makeup Removing

Sweat, dust, sand and saltiness are the summer enemies of the skin and do not work well with the make-up. Be careful to remove your makeup completely and cleanse your face for a healthier skin. See the right way to remove makeup using emulsion and cotton (photo).


12. Do not overdo it with the bronzer
In summer most women want to show blackened, but sometimes when they try this they overdo it … If you are a fan of bronzer, try not to do excesses and apply it evenly in order to not have any contrast on the face and neck.

13. Do not use extremely light lipstick.

We already said it is better to use cocoa butter with color, but if you definitely want to use your favorite lipstick, choose the right shades. The dark colored lipsticks are anyway out of season, so resort to more pastel or bright colors. Extremely light lipstick fits for very few women and most of the times the result is not so flattering. In combination with tan, the very pale shades seem to be out of step…

Remember that during the summertime the makeup challenge is to highlight our natural beauty, so I generally try to avoid excesses. This way the results will be more natural and will renew you removing years from your appearance.

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !