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Solo Mio Facial Cleansing Brush VS Foreo Luna Mini Review

Solo Mio facial cleansing brush is the best alternative to Foreo Luna that is available in the market today. We have discovered Solo Mio about 2 years ago and have already presented this in our comparison article. Well, it was a great discovery that helped a lot of people with a lower budget to have the same experience like using a Foreo Luna Mini.

If you read the online reviews about this device you will see that most of people using it are very satisfied and cannot tell a difference in terms of results between this and the Foreo Luna mini

Let’s see its main characteristics and compare it with the Foreo Luna Mini.


Speed: Solo Mio has 14 different speed settings. With Foreo Luna you have 2 speed settings. You can change the speed of Solo Mio using the “+” and “-” buttons easily.

Design: Solo Mio has a curved design. This curved design actually helps to reach the hard to reach areas on the face like the 2 sides of the nose. From the other hand, Foreo Luna mini has a round-shaped design.

Colors: Foreo Luna comes in 5 different colors, gray, pink, magenta , purple and blue. Solo Mio only has 1 color.

Waterproof: Both devices are full waterproof

Touchpoints: The silicone touchpoints are similar to both devices. They both have softer brushpoints upfront and harder on the back. The Solo Mio has slightly more touchpoints than Foreo Luna Mini.

Size: They both have a nice small compact size and you can take them anywhere with you without trouble. The Solo Mio has a bit larger surface.

Charge: The charge of both devices lasts very long. You literally forget to charge them.In my opinion, Solo Mio facial cleansing brush is a winner for those who are looking for an affordable device that can produce very very good results. There are other cheaper cleansing brushes that follow the same design and pattern like Foreo, but Solo Mio is the best alternative choice currently in the market.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !