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5 Skincare Tips For Dry Skin In Winter

It’s that time of year when the temperature falls and the cold winds begin to rise. The above facts along with the use of the central heating and humidity can dry your skin and make it quite vulnerable in winter.

They can also make existing conditions worse, such as eczema and dermatitis. If you want to keep your skin moist in the cold winter days, read these skin care tips for dry skin in winter.

1. Internal hydration. Eating the essential fatty acids (EFA), particularly omega-3, found in avocados and fatty fish and omega-6, who is found in nuts, whole grains and flaxseed oil.

If you miss 2 of them,this can lead to dry, irritated skin pimples. Mostly the omega-3 fatty acids help in order to maintain a healthy and hydrated skin and also have anti-inflammatory activity that can fight the symptoms of eczema.

2. Your skin needs proper hydration. Avoid dehydration by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day and avoid drinking too much caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

3. Avoid anything containing highly active ingredients, especially if your skin is itchy or stinging. Use a mild detergent, and then put a good moisturizer, which will strengthen the protective barrier of your skin. Select the types with no fragrance, to help address potential irritation.

4. Moreover,exfoliate every week, to drive away the accumulation of dead cells. When the skin is exfoliated cold is less efficient.

So, do exfoliation after a warm bath, and put a moisturizing mask, which will channel the skin with moisture and soothe any stinging or itching.

5. If your facial skin is prone to irritation and dryness consider to use an oil/serum daily. We totally recommend Bio Oil in this case. You can read our . I personally use it to treat my boyfriend’s face because his skin is very dry and in cold days it has excessive redness and irritation. A couple of uses per day and his irritation calms down.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !