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Silicone Sponge Review – The New Makeup Trend

I suppose you are all familiar with the makeup sponges like the Beauty Blender ( it is one of the most popular sponges). The new trend that is nowadays rising in the beauty community is the Silicone Sponge (or SiliSponge), a makeup application sponge made by silicone. “Is it better than the Beauty Blender?” is the question commonly asked on the Internet. There are others that claim that an excellent Silisponge dupe are the bra inserts (the ones that are used to give your breasts a little “lift” and volume. Here is our Silicone Sponge Review to help you get an idea about what this sponge exactly is.

What it is?

The original SiliSponge comes from a company from Hong Kong that is called . The main material is silicone and the outer shell is made from TPU () . This is a flexible thermoplastic that has a great resistance to grease and oil. The general idea behind this product is that we are wasting a lot of product using the traditional makeup brushes or our hands during the application. Using the SiliSponge, most of the makeup adhers on our face instead of the tool.
This is true, using the SiliSponge we can say that the loss of the product is minimized. It has a smooth application like the beauty blender and it is like using a soft spatula for the face. The application using this tool is pretty good, as you can see in the video above. Also, one great advantage is that it can be cleaned very fast using some soap and warm water. Very handy for professionals who want to make various makeup applications fast.

From the other hand, it is not possible to blend products with it like you are doing with the Beauty Blender. It is a useful tool for the initial makeup application and a fancy beauty gadget that could make you enjoy applying your foundation and that’s it. You can add this to your tool inventory but you should remember that it could not be a replacement for a good brush set or a beauty blender.

Bra Inserts as Silicone Sponge

A lot of people have started using bra inserts like SiliSponge, making them a 2 in 1 tool. (lifting your breasts and applying makeup with the same device – who would know? ). Well, there are people who have tried it and worked for them, so I suppose it is working, but I would not personally try it because I believe in a price that is so cheap, there is no reason to try and look for alternatives and get the one that is specially designed for this job. You are free to try it and share your experience.

After the initial hype of the Molly Cosmetics’ SiliSponge, a lot of beauty companies produced their own variations of the silicone sponge. The prices are almost the same, the material is the same and the results are the same choosing any one of these. But here is the one we have found that we believe that is even better than the original one:

LURE Beauty Silicone Sponge:

This silicone sponge is not made by TPU material and the result is that it is softer than the other ones currently in the market. It is made by hypoallergenic anti-bacterial soft food grade silicone. It is ideal for any skin type and 100% enviromentally safe.

I hope you enjoyed my Silicone Sponge Review and since I still have some mixed feelings about this, I would be very interested to listen to your opinion about this device. Feel free to leave your comments and have a nice discussion 🙂




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