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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is produced by treating wood and is one the most expensive essential oils. Sandalwood has the most alluring aroma after literally leaves us speechless with special exotic wood scent. Ideal in skin treatment can be used in the bath, compresses in lotion and the smell from the first moment you awaken within us and around us in an intense sexual stimulation.
Especially useful for those suffering from impotence, of coldness, of anti-social. The aphrodisiac capacity leads to a simultaneous reduction of stress but promotes a calm and peaceful sleep.
The sandalwood creates an environment of harmony, serenity reducing tension and confusion, has a calming effect especially during meditation and recommended for the reunification of the senses.
The famous ageless, timeless cologne epoch Pino Silvestre is a mixture of cedar and sandalwood extracts of excellent quality.
Sandalwood has no contraindications.

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