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Rosemary Essential Oil Properties

The essential oil of rosemary, has some strong antiseptic and stimulant properties. It is considered to be one of the most useful essential oils. It promotes good blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system, skin and liver. It relaxes the nervous system and provides a feeling of relaxation after a tiring day. It also treats headaches and migraines. It could also be used for. It also helps in the prevention and treatment of dandruff. It is suitable for general cleaning with a strong force against the mold.

Rosemary essential oil provides energy and helps people to develop and expand the capacity of their memory. It is very helpful in the treatment of colds, acne, cellulite, localized fat, dandruff and relieves excessive muscle tension.


The essential oil of rosemary can not be used by pregnant women up to five months and people with hypertension or those suffering from epilepsy

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