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Rose Essential Oil Properties

In this article we point out the main benefits and properties of Rose Essential Oil, an excellent extract that can help in many health and skin problems.

Benefits for the Skin.

  • Rose Essential Oil is a powerful and firming oil that can stimulate the tired skin. It is ideal for smokers as it gives back the lost luster to the pale skin.
  • It has also powerful anti-aging properties. The results it has on the skin can be even more impressive over time, making it strikingly beautiful, tightened and enhance its collagen.

Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

  • Rose Oil can treat gynecological problems. When it is applied it can help the regulation of the female hormonal system.
  • It smells wonderful and has no side effects. It also helps in stomach problems and relieves the stomach pain. It accelerates blood coagulation, is hemostatic and can stop the bleeding.
  • It also has healing properties for women who have unstable menstruation.
  • Another healing power of the Rose Oil is the strong antiseptic action, it treats and protects the open wounds from infection.

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Properties:

  • Rose Oil can be used in shower gels, shampoos, moisturizing creams, emulsions and perfumery. It can be used to give flavor to wines and tea and sweets can be made with rose petals.
  • The rose is therapeutic as an oil. It has the special ability to give euphoria and mental well-being just with its rich beauty and fragrance.


How to Make Rose Essential Oil

In this video you can watch Michelle Czolba creating Rose Oil using the Cold Infusion Method.

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