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Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil is an oil from sour orange blossoms that is great for the treatment of wrinkles and skin aging. This essential oil contributes to good skin hydration and improves skin’s elasticity. Skin hydration is very important because as we age, our skin tends to be more “dry”. Neroli Essential Oil revitalizes the skin and helps in the battle against wrinkles and time. There are excellent that use Neroli and it is also being used in production of fragrances and beauty products.

Normally, the essential oil of Neroli has yellow color. In terms of therapeutic uses it is antiseptic, sedative, cleanses the body of toxins, balance the body system and calms the spirit.

Neroli has the ability to . It helps to insomnia and helps having a good and balanced sleep. In aromatherapy it is used to fight depression. Massaging the temples and the neck with neroli essential oil gives us a sense of relaxation and serenity.

The essential oil of Neroli is a mild essential oil that can be used as an additional material in bath and cosmetic products. It increases the refreshing rate of the skin cells and makes the skin appear brighter, balanced and fresh. Thanks to the mildness it has it is ideal to be used in massages, skincare and baths.

Neroli Essential Oil sweetens and alleviates the heart and the soul. It is one of my favorite essential oils. It is used to calm the body and mind at home creating a fantastic fragrant landscape. Neroli offers relaxation and beauty and makes you travel transferring your images in garden blooming senses.


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