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Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer

Beautiful, healthy, long hair is an asset most women would love to have. It takes time and work to achieve the results, but in the end, it’s well worth the effort. With experience of having long hair and growing it out twice within the last five years, there are some tips one should know in order to achieve the goal. Here is the ultimate guide to growing healthy long hair:

  • Brush your hair 100 times daily. This exfoliates dead skin cells on the scalp allowing oxygen to the skin and helping hair growth. If dead skin cells remain on the scalp, the skin tightens, the pores tighten, and hair will not grow. It actually falls out.
  • Give yourself the salon treatment. Ever notice how the stylist massages your scalp while she shampoos it? This increases the blood flow in your scalp which helps the hair follicles to grow. Spend extra time shampooing and massaging your head with the tips of your fingers. Start at the hairline at your forehead and work the shampoo in a circular motion toward the crown of your head. It feels great and makes your hair look great, too!
  • Always use conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Use a lot of conditioner. While you’re washing or shaving, leave the conditioner on. Rinse the conditioner out with cool water for maximum shine.
  • Turn the heat down. Use a hair dryer that has a warm setting. Do not use the hot setting to dry your hair. The excessive heat will damage hair, causing split ends and frizz hair.
  • Invest in hair products that add moisture and shine. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is a must for people with dry and frizzy hair. The added oils will help control fly-away hair. Serum or silk product will make dead hair beautiful.
  • Get a trim every six to eight weeks. Just by taking off a half inch of dead ends, your hair will look much healthier. This also prevents split ends from splitting the follicle all the way to the scalp which leads to hair loss.
  • Avoid color treatments and permanent waves. These products damage hair and can result in permanent hair loss. Permanent waves also shorten hair which negates the result of long hair.

Do you often wonder how could you grow your hair longer using natural products? Are you trying for years to grow your hair and you can’t make it? You are not alone. There are a lot of women who want to have long natural hair and there are some inexpensive and simple ways to do it: Try them:


Leave the omelets for later. The egg is something you have in your fridge and can help you grow your hair longer. Mix two eggs with two tablespoons of olive oil. You could also try and put half cup of water in the mixture. Put this simple mask on dry, styled hair and leave it on for half an hour. Wash your hair with normal shampoo after.

Eggs contain lecithin and proteins that strengthen, nourish and heal the hair ends. Also, the high content of sulfur helps to stop dandruff.


can help your hair to grow long, especially if you use it while making massage on the skin of your head. Why yes, can you put a bunch of products with a view to strengthening, but your skin also wants help to be hospitable to long hair. Use a few drops of rosemary oil in your shampoos and do not forget to do massage when having a bath.

Rosemary helps to dilate the blood vessels and strengthens the roots of your hair.

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Castor oil

You might have heard of the miraculous castor oil and its properties. It is time to use it to lengthen your hair! Castor oil is the “magic ingredient” that you need. Stretch the roots of your hair by massaging with castor oil, and then along the length of the hair. Grab your hair up and cover up it with a shower cap. Then, use a hair dryer for 15 minutes. Then you can bathe normally. The work is done, since thanks to the temperature the contents of castor oil are better absorbed

Castor oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial activity. Thus, it prevents infections on the scalp that prevent your hair to grow long. Apart from this, it has O6 fatty acids, vitamin 3 protein and other nutrients that can penetrate the root and help the hair to retain its moisture.

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