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Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Review

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Flipstick Colour Effect lipstick from Max Factor gives us a new innovative experience with an excellent double-faced lipstick that gives the extra volume and shine for our lips. A unique design and a unique use that is here to change the game of lipstick. This lipstick truly exceeds the limits of lipstick! The innovative, duplex flipstick combination includes two lipsticks, in complementary shades, a rich and creamy texture and a glossy. The color combinations are created by make-up artists of Max Factor to wear every color as stand-alone or combine them together! The composition is particularly gentle to spread easily. Many of you already know Flipstick, but for those that have not heard anything of it yet don’t worry, we are here to review this excellent product. Here is its current price tag:

  • Flipstick comes in 7 different shades: Bloomy Pink, Foly Pink, Boreal Mauve, Mosaic Mauve, Gypsey Red, Melody Brown, Salsa Red
  • Each Colour Effect Flipstick contains 2 lipsticks in a double-ended package. You can use each lipstick individually or in combination with the other to create a unique shade. This could really save you some space in your handbag, especially if you are used to layering different shades of lipstick to achieve your desired shade.
  • In each Flipstick, the one side contains a medium creamy coverage lipstick and the other side a shimmer sheer lipstick.
  • The lipsticks have enough pigmentation but are not as much moisturizing as I wanted them to be. This is the only downside I can find but it is not so serious to stop me from loving this lipstick. It may be a problem if you try it on cracked lips.
  • After wearing flipstick for 8 hours you will notice that the color will still stay on. Flipstick stays long and that’s a part I love about this product.

Max Factor’s Flipstick Colour Effect Colors

Here are some photos of the color palette of Flipstick to get an idea about the colors of the Flipstick collection.

Extra Tip: In order to give dimension and sharp shape to your lips, apply a shimmering shade on the center of the lips

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