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Lashing of Lashes and Mac False Lash

[tfb username=’beauty_tonic’ count=’true’ lang=’en’ theme=’light’]I’ve tried more mascaras than I’ve had hot dinners in my lifetime, and though along the way I have kept and repurchased the few that made the cut, even the I have used failed to give me exactly what I’m looking for in my peepers. Not enough curl, slightly too clumpy, not full enough… the list of eyelash niggles is infinite. You may be thinking “well why doesn’t she use false eyelashes?”, which is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, however the answer is this: it’s never quite right.

I’ve tried clipping them, applying them with tweezers, high-end brands, low-end brands, thick bands and thin bands, but they just always look so…. false. Then I remembered the false-lash-ophobe’s alternative; individual lashes. I must say, they’re not something that come to mind instantly, it’s generally good old mascara or else an attempt to grapple with the traditional falsies, the latter of which normally results in one end “pinging” off my eyelid repeatedly. So, the other day for no apparent reason, inspiration struck, and I remembered that there was hope. I’ve seen many tutorials on youtube where individual lashes have been used and the effect is exactly what I aim for when prepping my peepers; whispy, long, full and NOT false looking.

The idea of being able to customise your lash line with longer or shorter clusters of eyelashes is incredibly appealing, and quite frankly, genius. Off to MAC I went this week and picked up their individual offering (MAC 30 LASH).

Mac False Lashes #30

What I love about this set is the different lengths; short medium and long. I tend to use about 2 shorts, 3 mediums and a long on each eyelash, though it may seem tempting to load your lid with “longs” it makes it a bit too obvious and you are in false lash territory all too easily. By using the longer ones just on the outer corners, the much sought after “feline flick” takes action, and you are left looking suitably glamorous. Using tweezers I pick one up, pop it into some glue (I highly recommend DUO lash adhesive as it dried quickly and clear as well as being incredibly long lasting. My question is; why hadn’t I thought of this before?!

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