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10 Hacks To Tame Your Frizzy Hair

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Do you belong in this category of women that wake up in the morning and discover a jungle making a party at their head? Of course the problem is getting worse in rainy and cold winter days when the moisture threatens your hair.. Perhaps you have tried many products to tame your frizzy hair but the secret of success is hiding more in your daily habits rather than expensive styling products. Here are 10 clever hacks you could use in order to tame your frizzy hair.

1.Wash your hair using conditioner

The frequent use of shampoo destroys the natural oils of the hair and is not really the best for hair that frizz. This is because massaging the hair with the foam makes the hair more unruly. Twice per week, try to wash your hair only using conditioner, which you will normally rinse with water in the end. The conditioner contains all the necessary ingredients to clean your hair without removing the natural oils and without making them “fly”.

2.Dry them naturally.

The heating coming from the hairdryer is the number one friend of frizz. Prefer to dry them naturally, warping a towel around your head. I know this is easier in the summer and a bit difficult in winter, but at least try to dry them some time with the towel before using the hairdryer.

3. Comb them with the classic comb.

Do not use any brush but use a classical comb with 5-6 teeth. That way the hair will not break easily and the frizz will not get worse. Altenatively, you could use a brush specially designed for detangling frizzy hair. A good solution is .

4. Use hand cream or body cream.

One of the most clever styling tricks to fight frizz is to spread some amount of hand cream or body cream on the hair tufts that are “flying”. Their composition will make them stay still. Alternatively you could use conditioner on dry hair the same way.

5. Sleep on…Silk

If you don’t have silky pillowcases, even a silk scarf could be enough. Silk reduces the friction of the hair so your hair will not be tangled. Especially if you have curly hair the benefit would be double because your curls will be “molded” while you sleep.

6. Miraculous Coconut Oil

I love this natural oil. Just make a ponytail and spread some on your hair. Let the oil work for some hours and afterwards rinse with some water.

7. Do not use products that contain alcohol.

Avoid using styling products, shampoos or conditioners containing alcohol. This dehydrates and dries the hair, helping the frizz grow bigger. Even if products without alcohol may cost a bit more, the results will greatly benefit you.

8. Tie them

For straight or wavy frizzy hair, we have the perfect trick to tame the annoying tufts. Apply some serum or silicon downwards you ear.. and create two tresses. Then join them using a rubber band and let them sit like that for 10-20 minutes. After you release them, put a little more serum to “sit” better and you are ready to go out !

9. Drunken…Hair Wash

Time to steal a beer from your husband, not to drink one but to …wash your hair. Beer enzymes will tame your hair and give them extra sparkle. If you have some dark beer, it is better because it has even more nutrients. Simply pour some beer on the hair, leave it for few minutes and finally rinse with cold water. If you cannot stand the smell, you can put it in a small bottle applicator to spray with as much you want.

10. Be sure to frequently visit your hairdresser.

The broken tufts are constantly trying to earn their independence. This is the main cause of frizzy hair. So try to visit your hairdresser often to clean this gap, at least every 2 months.




Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !