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How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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Putting on our favorite perfume is a daily, almost mechanical movement for most of women. It is considered, indeed, that the perfume represents the personality of the one who wears it. For example, more intense and spicy aromas can bring to mind people who have a comfortable character and a lot of confidence. On the other hand, most floral perfumes can be combined with those who are romantic and more quiet. Whatever scent your perfume has it will inevitably evaporate quickly. You don’t have to spray a whole bottle every day, here are 6 simple tips from that will help you make your perfume last longer.

Do not mix the scents

When you are bathing you can mix many different smells of the products you use: bath with coconut fragrance, shampoo with honey and facial cleansing gel with strawberry.

Probably you will smell very strongly immediately after the shower, but think that you have shuffled many different scents. It is advisable, therefore, to choose products that belong to the same ‘family’s’ based fragrance. You can, for example use a series of body care that is based on citrus.

However, the days you wear your characteristic aroma, it is advisable to leave aside all cosmetics that smell strongly and to use your bathroom soap that has a neutral  smell. (or no smell)

Put on perfume after bath

A spray may seem enough before leaving the house, but it is certain that it will not last long.
It is advisable to put perfume earlier and not just before you leave the house. The right time is immediately after bathing because the skin is able to absorb moisture more easily. So you can use your perfume along with your body cream

If you do it this way your skin will keep the fragrance and trap the smell. You will see, in fact, that you will not even need to refresh throughout the evening!

Use baby oil

The most common reason why the perfume is attenuated because it is essentially “sitting” on the skin surface and is not absorbed by the skin.

A good solution is to put baby oil on points that are flavored. Then, spray immediately. The oil will capture the smell and your perfume will last much longer.

Find the appropriate points

Logically you remember your grandmother putting perfume in only two places: inside of wrists and neck.
You may not know why she only chose these two places, but you’ll know why: the aroma diffuses better when you put it on points of the body where you have pulse and where the body temperature is increased. The heat that is being generated helps the smell to spread better.

This applies to the neck, inside the elbows or even on the point behind the knees. The actress Halle Berry, indeed, confided that puts perfume even inside of the thighs!

Do not rub your wrists

Many women have the habit of rubbing their wrists on the areas they put perfume, thinking that the smell will dissipate more easily. It is, however, a move that does not help at all.
According to experts, the additional heat generated by friction can “spoil” the smell of the perfume and some ingredients may be lost completely.

The same goes for perfume washer, which often absorb the oiliness of the skin, thereby distorting the smell of perfume.

Do not overdo it before your appointment

For special occasions, we usually use more special fragrances. As nice and be a perfume, it is advisable to use it in moderation.

Your aim should be for people next to you to be able to distinguish your distinctive smell without being unpleasant.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !