• female legsThe female legs are often criticized are crucial signs of a woman’s body. That’s why … their weaknesses enter the center of our attention and find solutions.

thin thighs

The deposition of fat in the thighs, sagging or stretch marks can be treated with a modern method called Body Tite. This is an innovative system liposculpture, liposuction and clamping the body, specially designed to reduce the persistent fat while providing and clamping the body. It uses a high technology to realize a gentle way to excess fat in the body and expel it through a tiny incision, selected to become an inconspicuous part of the area applied each method. The fact that it is preceded by melting the fat makes a lot easier getting rid of. This also results in reducing postoperative pain, edema and whose distress.
Specifically, causes intense thermal action on skin and adipose tissue. This gentle but thorough tissue heat increase caused by the skin and clamping the body, as well as the reduction of blood loss, which always accompanies the process of classical liposuction. So recovery is faster with less bruising.
According to plastic surgeon Mr. Willy Rodopoulou comparing the Body Tite with the traditional liposuction procedure, the first offers a safer, softer and less traumatic alternative with more consistent results, especially with the minimum possible postoperative recovery (minimal pain, fewer bruising and swelling and a shorter recovery).

What to Know
The BodyTite is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, performed either under local anesthesia or sedation.
After the treatment, you can go home and soon to return to your daily activities. We need, however, to wear for a few days a rubber corset. In terms vigorous exercise, this can only start with the consent of the attending physician.
The results are immediately visible but are much more prominent 6-12 weeks after completion of therapy.
It can be applied to the feet, “buns” (which is the most common area), but also in more difficult areas such as the inner thighs, knees, the front legs and calves.
It is worth noting that although the machine is promising, very important role plays and experience of the surgeon. In inexperienced hands the machine can cause burns, unevenness in removing fat or unacceptable skin firming.
without cellulite.
One of the most persistent aesthetic problems we face we women is what cellulite. Easily installed on our thighs and hardly improving. However, the last three years one of the modern methods of dealing with is the implementation of the Body Tite (liposculpture using radio frequency). Specifically, the new cannula device Body Tite (Cellu Tite) acts more superficially, precisely where cellulite is located. In contrast, the classical technique of liposuction usual cannula moves deeper. The Cellu Tite has a forked head applicable to the platform Body Tite, emits radio waves liquefy the superficial subcutaneous fat and dissolve the diaphragm, largely cause the characteristic appearance of “orange peel” skin. The improvement that can be achieved is of the order of 80-90% and has according to experts permanent result.

For enviable legs

The shapely legs not only diet hypothesis fitness. It takes more drastic solutions, fat there are more “hard” recommendation. The interventions in the calves, although made by few and experienced plastic surgeons know the rise in recent years, especially in the US Usually the need for improvement in their shape may involve the need for either a reduction or an increase of their volume.

Reduce volume

To achieve a reduction of their volume when due to fat accumulation and not swelling of the subject muscle -the gastroknimias- said structure or strenuous exercise can be used as liposuction by a new improved method of Body Tite.

tumor growth

The volume increase in calves very weak, skewed or asymmetrical done in three ways:
silicone inserts
The placement of silicone implants are the most common way and the only one who can give permanent results, and a large increase in the volume of the calf (calf). Silicone inserts present in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Placed either above the muscle or below it (calf). The installation is performed under local anesthesia or sedation or epidural anesthesia, takes about 40 and the same day you return home. The incision is carried on the back of the knee. In your work you turn in 5-10 days. It is common to have some mild pain after surgery. Also, minimal bruising and swelling. Immediately after surgery, foot placed two pillows. When you sit on a chair, the first time it is advisable to put your feet up. Also wear slippers or shoes with a small heel (4-6 cm.). You can walk immediately, but you should not overdo it as it wet (fluid accumulation) and displacement of the insert from its position. Running allowed after 6 weeks. You may feel cramping, pressure and tightness in the calves.

possible complications

Inflammation, bleeding, hygromas (fluid collection), contractile capsule, move the insert, deep thrombosis. These complications should be discussed in detail with your doctor, although it is rare when an experienced doctor.

fat Transfer

Lipofection is the technique in which fat is removed from other areas of the body and reinfused in the calves. It usually takes 75-150 cu. M. Fat on each calf and is performed under local anesthesia. The technique used for capturing and injecting the fat affects the extent that it will be absorbed. The volume obtained with the fat is usually smaller than can be achieved with the silicone inserts. The advantages of this technique is the use of tissue of the patient himself, the low chances of complications, inflammation, bleeding, and that no cartridge is generated, while the disadvantages include the difficulty to predict the size and shape after surgery, the fact that a percentage of fat will be absorbed and may need a second or third session repositioning of fat, and that the patient should have at least 150-200 cu. m. fat in other areas of his body.

High density hyaluronic acid Injection

Is performed under local anesthesia without incisions, with syringes of 20 cc. Of. You need to be repeated in 12 to 18 months, because absorbed. Considered relatively mild invasive and has quick recovery (3-4 days).

Turn spider veins

It is a common aesthetic problem for many women and can occur at a young age. Worse with standing, pregnancy, strenuous exercise or weight gain. The solution can be given by intravascular injection a curing agent (sclerotherapy), causing an intramural reaction within said vessel and leads to a large reduction in lumen consequently can not pass the blood and thereby non-colored now the area. These vessels are so small that surface and the cessation of blood flow in them does not affect the general blood circulation. It is well tolerated therapy, but must be experienced in this technique doctors. To achieve the desired result need at least three sessions, and it is recommended that the elastic tights for 5-7 days. Also, it may cause bruises in these areas, but they spend a few weeks. This treatment is not indicated periods of high temperature.

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