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Best Way To Cover Grey Hair

Many of us wonder which is the best way to cover grey hair. When the time comes and we start noticing the first hairs, we all want to make them magically disappear. Personally, I started thinking about this from my very young age. I know this may not pertain to a lot of you, but I have had gray hair since I was16 (this is genetic, thanks to my mom). Yes, I said 16!! What can you do? It is genes.

I didn’t actually start coloring my hair and covering up the gray until I was about 25, I think that was
about the time that I got tired of people asking me if I knew that I had gray hair.
Now that I am a bit older my color is only lasting me about 3 weeks, the thing that
sucks about that is I have black hair and I am now about 90% gray so I get that
lovely skunk line at the part of my hair. I have had seriously thought about just going
grey but I am still young and it’s not a pretty grey, plus I don’t want to look old.

My hairdresser suggested me to not cover my hair completely with the color
but just the roots so that when the gray grows out it’s not as noticeable because
then I will have “natural highlights” in my hair. After time when I don’t do an all
over color my hair lightens to more of a reddish brown.

So, what can you do if you are just starting to get some grey hairs or have more
than just a few like me? Which is the best way to cover grey hair?

Here are some tips for coloring those greys.

1. Highlights

If you have brown or blonde hair the highlights is propably the best way to cover grey hair offering an ideal camouflage.
When you add highlights it breaks up the line and makes the grow out less noticeable. You can go with a lighter color to more closely match the shade of your new-found grays.

2. Powder Formula– Jonathan Product Awake Color Root Touch Up

This product comes in a tube that dispenses loose, colored mineral powder
through the built-in brush bristles to hide hair flaws including gray hairs,
bald spots and roots. The rich powder creates a natural, fuller and more
even look to blend perfectly with your hair color and minimize the appearance
of bald spots and thinning hair. With this product your hair won’t feel sticky either.
You can find it online at Target or Amazon at a fair price around $15

List Price: $16.49
Current Price: $16.49
Price Disclaimer

3. Aerosol Formula – Gray Away Root Concealer

This “As Seen on TV” gray root concealer is an instant grey root touch-up spray that matches your natural hair color. This concealer is temporary,made with no artificial dyes and won’t flake. This concealer is meant for use between your hair coloring sessions and washes out with shampoo. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily at all. It is available in two colors: brown and black/dark brown.It is available on Amazon or Folica for about $10

4. Marker – TouchBack Instant Root Touch UP

TouchBack is real hair color in a marker. It dries in a minute and won’t flake or rub off, even when brushed. TouchBack’s marker delivers the perfect amount of color to cover gray roots instantly. It actually bonds to the hair, blending beautifully with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. This product stays on until shampooed out. This product comes in 8 different shades. This product is a little bit more expensive, it’s around the 30+ dollar mark and you can get it at Ulta or Amazon.

5. Mascara For Hair – GreyFree Hair Color Touch UP

This product is similar to mascara for lashes, it’s packaged in a tube and you usea mascara spool wand to comb in the color. This product gives you 100%coverage that is even safe to use in the rain and yet washes out with a single washing.This product is for both men and women since the mascara style brush can also be used for moustaches and beards. You can get this product at Folica or Amazon for less than $10. Here is the current price in Amazon:

These are some of the best ways to cover grey hair. If you have any other tips or tricks to covering up gray hair let us know in the comment section!

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !