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How Often Should You Change Your Razor?

[tfb username=’beauty_tonic’ count=’true’ lang=’en’ theme=’light’]In summertime our efforts to have perfectly smooth legs makes shaving an almost daily habit for most women. The secrets of the perfect shave that lasts certainly hide behind the razor you use.

The type of blades you choose for your razor and the frequent change are two of the points that should be taken seriously in order to have a perfect results and also to avoid irritation. How often should you change razor?

Jeanine Dowie, dermatologist advises all women to change their razor every 5-10 shaves. Of course the number varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair and the area you have to shave.

If you shave every day and you have fine hair, you should change razor or razor blades every 10 days. If your hair is stronger and thick, every 5-7 days.

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !