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Easy Tips To Get Soft Hands

The secret is well known: If you want to find out the age of a woman, just take a look at her hands or her neck. Makeup can easily hide years from the face and mislead someone. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you keep your hands looking and feeling soft and youthful. In the end of the article there is a nice homemade recipe to treat your hands.

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The miraculous Olive Oil

A few drops of Olive Oil can easily replace your hand cream, either because you are out of cream, or because you prefer a more natural solution. Oil contains strong antioxidants, vitamins and other substances that heal the irritated skin and moistures in depth.

Before you go to sleep, place a few drops of Olive Oil on your hands. If you cannot keep it on your hands all night , let it sit for a while and then wipe it.

Gloves for total protection

Every handiwork you do (washing dishes, gardening etc.) harms your hands. Wearing gloves may not be attractive to you, but sometimes it is necessary to protect our hands.

Wear Sunscreens on hands

We are used to use sunscreen on our body and the face, but in the fight against the sun, hands also need protection. Every day, when you put sunscreen on your face, put a little product on your hands spreading it well. This will help prevent brown marks and wrinkled skin

Do not hurt your cuticles

I know I know.. cuticles are temptation and you can not easily not to touch them, but this habit can ruin the skin around them. Prevention is the best treatment, so I recommend you to regularly apply an emollient nail oil for quick results.

Nail Polish and Rings

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The makeup of hands is the nail polish and the rings. These two ways do not address the problem of aging and dry skin, but they make it appear pretty and youthful.

How do you wash your hands?


Soaps absorb the natural moisture of the hands so that when they cleanse them, they also dehydrate them. Try to avoid using strong antibacterial soaps and prefer soaps that have moisturizing substances, like Aloe Vera.


Yes, hot water kills germs. Yes, it cleanses in depth and yes, we are used to it. However, it dehydrates and dries hands. The ideal temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. (warm but not hot).

Homemade Exfoliation Recipe  for Hands

In a jar or small pot, mix 1/3 cup olive oil, 2/3 cup sugar, half lemon juice and some zest from the lemon’s peel. Spread it on your hands, massaging each other using the outside of your palm. If you apply it once per week, you will start noticing the difference. Close the jar well and keep it in your refrigerator to prolong its effectiveness.



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