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How Beauty Influences Judgement Of Others

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How people around us “see” us, according to scientists, is based on the external beauty. Experiments performed during the years have shown that the appearance of a human influences our behavior towards him, even if we do not know any other information about him.

Beauty exists in almost every culture that has been created in human history. The almost mysterious and seductive power of a good appearance has a large impact on society. Physical attractiveness creates such a strong first impression in our minds that we can often move into fast conclusions about intelligence or success of people.

Everything seems to be a matter of first impressions, as these impressions have the power to be stored deep in our minds with impressive speed and can affect the way we see and treat those around us. Once we consolidate the first impression about someone, long time is needed in order to change our beliefs about this person. If we assume that someone is beautiful, it is very likely to assume the same time without having any other evidence for him that he is intelligent, ambitious, interesting as a person.

In 1972, psychologists Karen Dion, Ellen Berscheid and Elaine Walster on their research “” conducted a survey to determine if is the strongest criterion that forms our final impressions for others. Participants knew from the beginning that the study was focused on the issue of impressions. Anybody in research, received three files containing three photographs. The first person was very nice, the second medium and the third, ugly.

People involved should observe the photos and then asked to judge 27  different features. They had to decide which of the faces of the photos had features, such as altruism, or stability. Then, they had to judge whether persons in the photographs were happy and successful in their marriage and their professional career.

Taking into consideration only these three pictures, objectively beautiful faces gathered most of the attributes of happiness, good parent, successful professionally. All these conclusions were based on a single photo. However, such findings do not cause a big surprise as it is considered that people can easily “read” or “study” characters . When for example someone wears horn-rimmed glasses, it is easy to give him the title of sophisticated and intellectual man. That way we gradually build the labels we give to people.

In another 1974 study, the researchers gave the participants some essays with the persons that had written them in a photo. Half the participants were given the essay with an attractive woman on top right corner while the other half got their hands on a text accompanied by a picture of a objectively ugly female face. Participants had to judge the quality of writing. The result was that attractive women were associated with feautures like better syntax and more creative and thoughtful writing.

The scientist that led the study says that: “We have more expectations from the beautiful people before we know more details about them. When they seem less worthy of our expectations, we give them easier an opportunity to show what they can do better ,than we give to people who have less symmetrical characteristics. ”

We see how important is the external beauty and our overall appearance. It may seem swallow and immature, but judgement from appearance happens all the time. At work, relationships, everywhere in our everyday life. Inner beauty may be more important but it is something that cannot be seen from the first sight. Don’t always trust your eyes only, there are some things in this world that are hidden well and eyes cannot see them. Inner beauty does not need makeup or moisturizers, it can shine by itself.

Given all the information we gather about someone, maybe sometime we will not be motivated by arbitrary conclusions based only on a good external appearance. Until then, the realization can start by examining our own selves.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !