foreo luna vs clarisonicA lot of debate is going on on social media and internet about these 2 electric cleansing brushes for the face and which one is better. Well, owning both these devices I decided to compare them and present the differences between them, to give you an idea before you choose to buy one of them. Right now, honestly, as a new blogger I would like to experiment with comparison tables and create my first comparison review writing about Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Mia2. So let’s examine the characteristics of both devices:

Foreo Luna Vs Clarisonic Mia 2 COMPARISON

Here are the different characteristics of these 2 devices in the form of a table:

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First of all, let’s take a look of the similarities between these two cleansing brushes. Both of these devices are designed for skin cleansing. In order to produce their results they make use of sonic technology to remove the makeup the oil and the dirt faster, deeper and better than the traditional manual cleansing. The tone of the skin could also be refined and the blocked pores that can lead to skin problems and acne are refined, exfoliating all the dead cells from the skin.

First of all, let’s compare the price between the 2 models. At the time being, the price is almost the same if you go with the normal foreo size.

Price Of Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic

———-Brush Heads (contact points)

Clarisonic Mia 2 has a collection of brush-heads for different skin types, like soft, normal and hard. Hygiene reasons require the change of these heads once in three months. Foreo Luna on the other hand, uses silicone touch points that exist on the device and has no brush-heads. The silicone that is being used is waterproof and antibacterial and does not need any changing because it is very hygienic. It just needs some careful cleaning using a soap. I personally find Foreo Luna’s silicone easier to be cleaned.

 Design- Holding

Clarisonic is an established brand in the cleansing brushes markets, having a unique design that has been copied many times from other companies.The thing I love the most about Foreo Luna is the new and innovative design that is nowhere to be found before.  The silicone touch-points are so gentle with the skin, like a kiss from a rose. The design has the shape of the moon as the name clarifies (Luna in Spanish = Moon). Holding the FOREO LUNA device could feel a bit strange at the beginning compared to the easily handled Clarisonic Mia2. You have to use it some times in order to get used to it and feel comfortable holding it. The curved design helps to get in the edges of the face compared to the classical brush of Clarisonic.

 Modes -Function

The Clarisonic Mia2 is mainly a cleansing device. It has a variety of cleansing modes to operate but cleansing is the only action it is able to perform. The Foreo Luna comes with two operation modes. The first one is the deep cleansing mode and the second the anti-aging mode where you use the ridges that the device has on the back in order to massage different areas of the face and stimulate the reproduction of skin’s collagen. Sound great huh? It also encourages the lymph drainage. It also has a special ability to push the products you use for your skin care deeper in the skin powering the absorption of these products. That way, all your anti-aging ingredients will work in a better way. It is like having two different devices into one.


Mia2 Device requires to be charged full 24 hours. From the other hand, Foreo Luna just needs 1 hour to get fully charged and its power can last up to 450 1-minute uses.


The Mia2 operates on two different speeds. Foreo Luna operates on eight speeds.

Size / Portability

In terms of portability, Clarisonic Mia2 is bigger and you will need to carry the charger with you. Foreo Luna offers greater portability because it is small and light and can be carried literally everywhere. It is a big plus that it does not need to be charged for 450 uses. So, no charger to carry, just drop it in your pocket.


I saved the most part, the results for the conclusion. Well, using both products can leave you having a very clean skin and a very nice feeling about your skin. They both help for the exfoliation of the skin and removing the dead cells. The long term results using the anti-aging mode of Foreo Luna could be better. Lot of people say that Clarisonic could be so hard for their skin even using the sensitive brush head on, sometimes even saying that there is a “breakout” stage that comes from over-stimulation. Personally, I never had this problem but I was always using the ultra-gentle brush head on. If you decide to buy Clarisonic Mia2 and you have a sensitive skin I suggest you to use the ultra-gentle brush that is available for this device. Also, for the first 1-2 weeks, don’t use it every day, use it about 1-2 times per week in order for your skin to get used to it. When your skin gets used to it, the risk for a breakout is dramatically reduced and your skin will start becoming tighter and stronger.

Foreo Luna is indeed more gentle in comparison and using it is impossible (OK, almost impossible) to press it too hard and cause damage on the skin. It is gentle enough even to use once or twice per day. Due to the anti-aging massage mode it is like having two devices at the price of one. If you feel you don’t need the anti-aging massage function you can go with Foreo Luna Mini. I own a foreo luna mini and I have already written a review about this device. You can read it here : Foreo Luna Mini. I will also write a detailed review for clarisonic mia 2 which I owned before I buy the Foreo Luna. Also I have added a third device, a foreo luna alternative and more affordable product, the Solo Mio Cleansing Device, you can check it out at the end of my article.

Foreo Luna 2

List Price: $199.00
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Foreo Luna 2 is the upgraded model of Luna that has the following features compared to the original device:

  • 2X the power of Luna, delivering 8,000 TM pulsations per minute
  • 50% larger surface area on both sides (cleansing side and anti-aging side)
  • Longer touch points to extend the reach.

If you are thinking to buy a Luna device for about $30 more you can purchase Foreo Luna 2. If you already own a Foreo Luna then it is not necessary to buy the newer model because the original device is still an excellent cleansing brush and the extra features are not so critical to swap it with the new one.

Read our detailed review about Foreo Luna 2 to get more information about this model.

Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Mia2 Conclusion

The thing is, whichever device you choose between these two you will have good results. These are the best electric facial cleansing brushes in the market for 2016. My personal favorite is Foreo Luna, but owning a Clarisonic too I could tell that Mia2 could also provide excellent results if you be careful and use it right in case you have a sensitive skin. If you are afraid that your skin is so sensitive and want to avoid a potential breakout, then go with Foreo Luna. You will not regret your choice.


A great and quality alternative for Foreo Luna in case you are looking for something cheaper is Solo Mio Skincare Device. It is an affordable device that many buyers claim that is even better than foreo. I plan to purchase this device and provide a detailed review in the next few days. It is on sale right now on Amazon. See its current price clicking the image below:

Solo mio is an excellent Foreo Luna dupe that is waterproof, it has 4 speeds and ergonomic design. It has very good customer reviews and feedback as you can see visiting the product’s page. It also has some unique characteristics like 14 different speeds. You can read more in our new article about Solo Mio Facial Cleansing Brush Here. We compare it with Foreo Luna Mini and let’s see who is the winner!

Price Of Foreo Luna mini VS Clarisonic

Click the images for more information and customer reviews about these cleansing brushes. We hope you liked our Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic article. If you like our website, don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest posts and news from the beauty world.

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Price Disclaimer ReviewsA lot of debate is going on on social media and internet about these 2 electric cleansing brushes for the face and which one is better. Well, owning both these devices I decided to compare them and present the differences between them, to give you an idea before you choose to buy...The best beauty secrets revealed