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Foreo Luna 2 Review

Foreo Luna 2 is here, bigger and better. And it is here to stay. The new Foreo Luna TM 2 has double the power of Luna 1 , comes in 4 different brush head designs for different skin types and looks like the best solution when you are looking for a high-end facial brush. Let’s examine its features and provide a detailed review about this facial cleansing device.

List Price: $199.00
Current Price: $199.00
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Foreo Luna 2 Features

  • 50% Bigger brush head than Foreo Luna 1 to achieve a more effective cleansing.
  • 2X the power of previous model, delivering 8,000 transdermal sonic (T-SonicTM)  pulsations per minute
  • Softer and longer touch – points to enhance softness and extend the reach
  • Li-ion battery that gives 450 full uses with one full charge.
  • 100% waterproof, can easily be used in bath and shower.
  •  2 years 100% warranty and 10 years 50% warranty

Foreo Luna 2 VS Foreo Luna

If you happen to have the original Luna and don’t know whether you should try the newer version or stick with the original, or if you are thinking to start using a LUNA device and don’t know which one to purchase, this review will help you out making a comparison between the 2 models.

Price difference: The price difference between the 2 models is not so big. You can find the older version in most online stores like Amazon in a price around $169 and the newer version in a price range around $199.

Colors/Skin types: Both versions have the same colors and support the same skin types. (combination skin, normal skin, oily skin and sensitive skin). There is also the Foreo Luna for Men in black color.

Size of brush area: One of the most important differences between the 2 devices is the brush area size. Both models are made from a non-abrasive silicon, but Luna 2 has a 50% bigger brush head that has softer and longer touch – points. You will also notice that it feels heavier.

T-Sonic pulsations: Both brushes are making use of T-sonic pulsations that go through the silicone touch-points and help to clean and remove dead pores, cleanse the skin and help the face products to penetrate the skin layer more efficiently. Luna 2 is much stronger than Luna, delivering the double amount of pulsations per minute. (around 16,000 compared to 8,000 that Luna has)

Speeds: The original Luna operates in 8 different speeds while the newer model has 12. Well, you will probably never change the speed when you find out the one that suits you but it is always handy to have a variety of speeds to choose from.

Anti-aging side: The reverse side on both models produces low frequency pulsations that are used to wrinkle prone areas in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This is the anti-aging side and you will notice that in Foreo Luna 2 it is much bigger, like the front side. This will help you to target a larger surface.

Battery power: Both models have superb power! You can have up to 450 full uses per charge. Their charging ports are waterproof so you will have no problem using them in shower. You charge them both with the USB cable that is included in the package.

Final Verdict: Foreo Luna 2 is not a completely revamped version of the previous model. If you already own Foreo Luna I believe that it is not necessary to purchase the newer version. It does not have so crucial extra features to go for it and the original is still an excellent facial brush to use.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to buy your first Foreo Device, then for $30 more I believe it would be better to buy Foreo Luna 2. It has all the good characteristics of Luna with a larger surface and more power.

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