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How to Fix your Broken Powder, Blush or Eyeshadow

This is something all women have experienced. How many times has your powder blush fallen down and became small little pieces? Next time it happens, don’t throw it away 🙂 . There is a way to repair it and make it usable again. Here’s how:

How many times our compact powder pack has not fallen down and has become pieces! Next time do not throw it away … You can make it again almost like a new one.

1. First you have to crush it completely in order to become just powder. Do it using a sterile bowl with a clean tool that has a wide surface. (for example the bottom of a glass).
2. Pour the powder into a sterilized jar and gradually add some drops of pure alcohol until a thick paste of uniform texture is made.
3. Empty the paste back into the original container.
4. Push it with a spatula or knife to make the surface smooth. Let it sit for all night.
5. The next day the alcohol will evaporate and the powder will be dry and ready to use.

Here’s is a video explaining the procedure:

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