Facial care at home with sugar, lemon and honey !!

Hello girls !! I would like to tell you about some natural and pure ingredients that can do real wonders on our skin !! I will tell you what I personally use and how to do deep exfoliation and a cleansing mask, hydration, radiance taftochrona. Read my article and follow the steps below.
Initially, I wash my face well, having naturally clean hands with a mild facial cleanser, namely the Avene Cleanance Gel Nettoyant without soap (you can easily use whatever you like and match your type of skin!)
After drying the face using a clean towel for exfoliation you need:
-1 Mediocre piece pure cotton
-1 Tea spoon. sweet sugar
Some lemon juice (I use almost half a lemon and less)        

So take the piece of cotton, add a little sugar on it and then squeeze some lemon over it. Using gentle and circular motions,gently rub the cotton on your face for about 2 minutes. It is important not to rub the cotton on your face using full power because it risks making damage to your skin.
Sugar with the help of the grains penetrates the pores and cleanse away dirt, dead skin cells and sebum and helps the microcirculation of the face in order to maintain a healthy skin. Lemon juice on the other hand, is antibacterial and rich in vitamin C, something that our skin loves and  provides shine and firmness.

These are the tips to exfoliate !! Now go on with the mask! Optional step that helps a lot to clean pores is to put our face over boiling water for a few minutes to open pores and with the mask to be removed more easily blackheads, sebum and unnecessary substances not removed by exfoliation. The mask strengthens and complements the action of exfoliation and also provides shining and hydragion. What do you need for the mask? :

-Pure Virgin Honey! Only !!

Well, heat one teaspoon of honey in a double boiler, just to make it more fluid because honey particulary at winter is thick and therefore difficult to spread. Careful not to burn it (it is ready just in a few seconds!) Because we do not want to put hot honey in our face and then create burns. Spread the honey on the face using clean hands creating a subtle layer. Leave it there about 15-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.  (if you have severe problems with blackheads for best results before rinsing honey press and constantly remove your fingers in the area because the adhesive composition of honey helps a lot to escape << >> blackheads from the pores!)

Honey is antimicrobial and antioxidant as it protects our skin from ultraviolet sun rays. Furthermore, it tightens the pores and smoothes the skin and with the help of honey you can remove blackheads and make your face show bright and clean. It also moisturizes the skin and makes it much smoother!
Really try these beauty recipes and to remember !! Using these recipes is easy, pure and cheap !! Every time I apply it on my face I feel my skin beautiful and  actually more shiny and clean! I recommend however to exfoliate your skin using sugar only once per week because the grains are big and tough and can scratch and damage our skin instead improving it. I believe that in all cases applies that we have to be careful and have some measures. You can do the honey mask several times per week. I expect your impressions!

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