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Essence The New Beauty Trend

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Did you know that women in Korea and Japan are beauty experts and they know how to perfectly take care of their skin? After all, from their own experience and the incredible beauty rituals that have established, they have arisen the biggest beauty trends from time to time, such as the BB Cream and Essence.

Something that shows how much they care about their skin is the fact that they use an average of eight beauty products on daily basis. No,no, this is not an unrealistic figure, especially if you do the following calculations: cleansing lotion, essence, facial serum, eye serum, face cream, eye cream, a cleanser for the evening, night cream.

Let’s see what is the essence and why you see it advertised everywhere in magazines and all over the internet.

It has a low viscosity composition and promises that contributes to a soft bright and beautiful skin. It looks like water but it is not and it is one of the last year’s hot beauty trends.

What does an essence exactly contain and why is it so special?

Most of them include anti-aging ingredients in a higher concentration than serums, while they all offer rich hydration. It is not an exaggeration to say that if you have normal skin without dehydration problems, an essence will totally meet your needs and you will not need another moisturizer. Because of its light texture it does not clog pores and it is easily absorbed, helping for the direct penetration of the products that will follow. To use it, forget about cottons and apply it using your fingers with a gentle pressure until it is completely absorbed. And do not forget, it is not a chord, it is a ritual!

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