There are many tools to curl hair, such as curling irons and different types of rollers. However, the Curlformers seem to be the revolutionary way of transforming hair through more creative as well as unique mechanism than what you can presume in the first look. Just as any curling tool, they also come in a variety of lengths and widths, such as short and wide, long and narrow, extra long and wide, and short and wide.

What is Curlformers?

Curlformers are similar to rollers but need no heat. Thus, they are an ideal alternative to heat-based styling tools for maintaining good health of your hair. Further, they act as stiff socks that transform themselves into perfect curls, which finally get delegated to manes. Curlformers appear easy and reduces the time for drying and styling, much more than the Flexi Rods, especially on very long and thick manes.


Curlformers are certainly reliable for forming fullness and texture in natural, kinky, and thick hair. At the same time, in terms of protection, they are gentle on fragile, weak, and damaged manes as well as on wigs as well as hair extensions.

While there are many options available, Curlformers reviews are more positive about the extra long spiral curls kit. Interestingly, this kit is also the winner in , which was targeted for best re-texturizing product. So, let’s explore it!

About the Extra Long and Wide Spiral Curls Kitcurlformer reviews

The Extra Long and Wide kit is designed especially for twisting long manes that are not more than 55 cm or 22 inches long. It aims to give spiral curls to such manes, may they be thick, colored, or natural. Thus, it is best to use this kit only on longer strands or only if you wish wide spiral curls. These Curlformers are tightly curved on the manes and will never pass through slippage even if the manes are wet. Just do not forget to apply a setting spray before using them.

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Salient Features

The portable PVC transformers with toning trim are 40 in total, of which 20 are for clockwise and the rest are for anti-clockwise direction. They come in two colors namely, pink and orange, which denote one of the two curl directions.

With the included two styling hooks, it seriously takes no time for having long curly hair. The hooks are designed to accelerate the application process, which is also guided by the included instruction leaflet showing steps.

Another feature or ability of this kit is that it keeps heat damage away, as it does not require much heat. Before its introduction, the risk of heat damage was always prevalent while creating waves, curls, and volume. However now, it has become much easier and safer. You simply need to allow drying the damp hair naturally through the patented distinct mesh construction of these holders. However, you can even apply mild heat in case you wish for it.

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How to Apply Curlformers?

It is really easy to apply Curlformers on natural hair or on any type of hair. For example, if you have 4A/B all natural for about three years now, you can rely on this product to get it stretched out until below your arms. Even if the manes look blow dried, bouncy, and shiny, you can still spiral them out to have well defined curls.

After shampooing and conditioning, just make one chunk of wet hair and apply these holders from back to front. While you can use a setting lotion, it is a fact that some amount of learning curve in involved while styling with these curlers. You should know how to use the hook properly or else it can perform serious damage. So, take your time in learning them. Before using the hook, just chunk the manes thoroughly and in a detangled way. This will help them glide easily through these innovative transformers.

However, it is a fact that once you get a hang of these holders, they are easy to apply. There is hardly anyone who cannot use them nicely. However, this mastery takes some time to show off. You can leave them on hair for drying up overnight. However, expect some discomfort as it is a bit uncomfortable to sleep with them despite being flexible and soft.

How to Remove Curlformers

Removing Curlformers is easier than putting them, just by pushing them. They glide off quite easily but only if you master the removal technique. However, the good news is that even if you may seem to have some difficulty with the first one, your manes will not break off or suffer from other damage during the process.

The resultant curls are really cute and smooth. They also appear with admirable fullness. Even if your manes are kinky, you will love the resultant stretch in the heat-free way. You only need some practice to accelerate the styling and drying process.

List Price: $73.95
Current Price: $73.95
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What’s Inside the Styling Kit

  • 2 hooks
  • 40 extra long & wide curlformers
  • Instructions


  • Good and lasting curls for medium and long hair
  • Elongated and soft curls
  • Easy and quick to do after getting the hang
  • Good storage case
  • Heat not required
  • Many curlers


  • Bit expensive
  • Lots of stamina in arms for long hair
  • More required for thick hair
  • Uncomfortable to sleep in


Consider buying if you want longer and wider curls than rollers, which need to last. The pretty curls tend to last for days, even if it is your daughter’s hair. Nothing seems to challenge these holders in terms of durability and soft output even on damaged hair. Therefore, it goes without saying that this kit acts as the best roller if you want to have curly hair. You can read the various curlformer reviews online and see that 99% of the customers are very happy using this invention. Read more curlformer reviews and

It is agreed that it takes some time to put them on manes but the result is worthy of this effort. It leaves beautiful curls that last for DAYS! The only major con is the price but if it works on your manes, the price seems to be affordable in the long run. ReviewsThere are many tools to curl hair, such as curling irons and different types of rollers. However, the Curlformers seem to be the revolutionary way of transforming hair through more creative as well as unique mechanism than what you can presume in the first look. Just as any curling...The best beauty secrets revealed