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Cellessence Anti-Aging Face Cream Review

I’m reporting live from the doldrums of winter. Some of you will know my pain, as I write this we are approaching the eve of becoming a very snowy winter. On top of malingering, lingering snow, we have been faced with low temperatures that make going outdoors an extreme sport.

Needless to say, my skin has suffered. Being inside, with all that fake, forced hot air basically drying my face into some sort of lizard-skin. I’m aging before my very eyes! This is the very definition of #PeakBleak!

I now have the motivation to slather my way to a new and improved me, to emerge like a butterfly out of a winterish cocoon at srping. Hopefully, looking radiant and refreshed…

A few things needed to happen to begin my quest to repair my skin.

#1: Humidify.

I bought a humongous, cool mist humidifier and use it every night in my small-medium sized bedroom. Its like a cool rainforest in there. The idea is that my face will literally soak up the water from the air while I sleep. Not too hard, is it?!!

#2. Hydrate.

Drink more water and less caffiene.

#3. Retin A the hell out of my face.

As prescribed. 🙂

Now is a great time to benefit from the well known anti-wrinkle power of retina-A. Also known as trentinoin. I usually paste it on lightly afterI wash my face up at night, over my hideous glabella and crows feet (Not too bad but still :)…Then I brush my teeth, giving the stuff time to kick in. Then I apply a moisturizer. Which leads me to….

#4. Step up my skin moisturizing game.

This month I have stepped up my moisturizing game big time. I’ve switched from using “CeraVe Moisturizing lotion” which is a pretty good, non-comedogenic face lotion…to .

CellEssence’s Anti-Aging Face Cream comes in a beautiful tub-style, faux-glass container. A little goes a long way, and a lot goes even farther. It smells like grapefruit or tangerine to me, in the best of ways. In fact, it reminds me of another product I love, which I won’t mention here, but is basically a vitamin C skin brightener. Delicious!

Upon application, my face has a nice glow sheen to it. Not “I’ve put tanning oil on my face-slick”, but “I’ve just come back from a facial and I’m lathered in goodness”.

What exactly IS in this goodness? Apparently, a TON of research has gone in to the making of this product. It is of a new generation of products that use ingredients like Alpha lipolic acids, licorice root, rhodiola rosea root extract and several other patented complexed that are clinically proven to increase the skin’s hydration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and stimulate DNA repair.

The active ingredient in Cellessence’s Anti-aging face cream is Teprenone, a molecule that, GET THIS…Stops cells’ telomere’s from shortening. If you haven’t heard about telomere’s and the association between shortened telomeres and shortened lifespans…that’s a cool new and potentially scary body of research. Smothering our faces with this “Anti-cell senescence” molecule has been shown to slow down the aging of the face.

As long as it doesn’t slow down the progression of winter to spring, and keeps me feeling like I’m smoothing my face with the smell of Florida Citrus….I am in LOVE with this product and the science behind it!

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !