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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Review

It’s no secret! I absolutely love Bobbi Brown makeup! This is why I decided to make a review about Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick. My love affair with this brand started last year after buying my first bottle of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Fluid and my obsession has grown from there.


Above: (Left) Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, (Right) Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Initially I went into store hoping to buy the  instead of the fluid version, as I had heard rave reviews about it. Unfortunately after trying this product in store I was initially disappointed by how it looked on my skin. Looking back, the makeup artist applied far too much of the Hydrating Gel Cream underneath the foundation, as she said that you need added moisture to wear this foundation. I’m not sure that this was the best advice, as I believe this is what made the foundation move around on my face and collect around my nose making my pores more visible.

Recently I have been looking for a foundation that allows me to build the coverage when required, so I decided to give Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick another try after my success with the Skin Foundation Fluid. I have used this product several times following my usual skincare routine and I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Why I Love The Foundation Stick:

I really like the texture of this product, it’s actually very creamy when I apply it directly to my skin and it’s easily blended using my fingers. I have tried blending it using my foundation brush, but freshly washed fingers work best for me with this product. I also like that this foundation is fragrance free, so there isn’t really anything in there that can aggravate my temperamental sensitive skin.

I’m recovering from a cold at the moment but Bobbi Brown stick managed to dramatically transform my tired, dull looking skin. I have normal to dry skin, whilst being prone to the odd spot and this foundation works like a dream for me. When I apply this product it gives me a medium to full coverage, depending on how you layer it up. I would say it gives more of a matte finish than the fluid and with a translucent powder it wears really well without going shiny or slipping throughout the day.

I really needed to find a foundation with slightly more coverage for the evening and the Skin Foundation Stick really delivers this combined with a good quality concealer. You can apply a thin layer of this foundation and then apply a second layer to the areas that need more coverage.

Unlike other foundations, this one has a transparent base, which is why this foundation works so well. If you can get a good foundation colour match, the skin tone correct pigments will work with your skin to give you an incredibly natural look even if you build the coverage up. Also, having a clear base instead of a white one also stops flash back when you’re having your photo taken, genius!

I’m not a skin expert, but in my opinion I think this would work for a variety of skin types providing you don’t suffer from acne or very oily skin. This product contains shea butter and olive extracts in order to moisturize the skin, something that may cause problems if you already have excess oil. That being said I did find this foundation had a matt finish, so I guess it would be something you might want to try before you buy.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Swatches

Here are the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Swatches.


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick VS Fluid

List Price: $46.00
Current Price: $52.24
Price Disclaimer

I find that the Skin Foundation fluid is very thin texture wise and gives a light coverage for very natural glowing skin. I find it delivers just the right amount of coverage for me during the daytime without masking my face. I usually use it with my flat foundation brush pictured below on the right or using my beauty blender to give me slightly more coverage.

The Skin Foundation Stick is still very natural looking, but it gives more of a matte finish with build-able medium to full coverage. I do a lot of travel with my day job and the sad reality is that I can’t take my entire makeup collection with me. I feel confident that this product would give me the versatility I need for different makeup looks without having to worry about transporting my beautiful glass foundations in my luggage.

Finally it’s worth noting that the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Fluid has a SPF of 15, but the Skin Foundation Stick doesn’t contain any sun protection. If you have a SPF in your moisturizer then this is fine, but if you don’t then it’s worth noting.

I don’t think I could give either of these foundations up as there both so different, but then again who says I have to. Variety is the spice of life after all.

What do you think? Have you tried Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick or anything similar?



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