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Best Semi Permament Nail Polish at Home – No UV lamp Needed

As we all know, the simple nail polishes do not last long. We grew tired painting our nails and watch them being discolored in just a couple of days. This is why some companies created a new innovative semi permanent nail polish. We will examine some of them in our review and see the proper ways to work with a great semi permanent nail polish at home. Without the use of UV lamps, it is easily removed just using nail polish remover/acetone.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish & Top Coat Kit

Gel Couture nail polish. Choose the color you like and use the Essie Top Coat. This package has Turn ‘n’ Pose color together with the top coat but you could also choose different colors if you buy these 2 steps separately.

CND Vinylux Weekly



Nail Polish from the Weekly series. Choosing the color you like and adding the Top Coat Gel you get your semi-permanent polish. They all use the Vinylux technology of CND.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a 2-step semi permanent gel manicure that lasts for up to 14 days. You can find more than 17 lovely shades and the 2-step procedure is simple. On step 1 you add two coats of miracle gel color. You let it dry for 5 minutes and then apply 1 coat of miracle gel top coat. The natural light will do the rest!

O.P.I. Infinite Shine

A 3-step system for a gel effect. It is working using the following 3 products:

1. Infinite Shine Primer

2. Infinite Shine Nail Polish

3. Top Coat Infinite Shine Gloss

You can find Infinite Shine Primer and Top Coat in a bundle together. Here it is:


And of course you can choose the nail polish color you like. I personally love this color. Click the image or the button to see more colors of this polish.


Using this 3-step system you will ensure that your nail polish will last at least for 10 days. It may not last as long as a semi-permanent manicure a manicurist can do, with UV lights, but it will last way longer than your normal nail polish.


Finally, a smart gadget that will help you paint your nails in a more comfortable way.

Tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder

It is a wearable nail polish holder to make you able to paint your nails anywhere. It is small enough to fit in your makeup bug with your other tools. This is especially handy if you are clumsy like me. You will no more have problems spilling and dripping your nail polish.



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