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Best Microcurrent Machine For Home Reviews 2019

The use of a Microcurrent machine is a very popular treatment for facial anti-aging and a very effective tool in the hands of the beauty therapists around the world. This device works delivering low-level electrical current to the facial skin in order to activate the natural chemicals of skin enhancement at a cellular level.

A microcurrent machine is usually found in a beauty salon or a beauty therapist, most of times described as facial toning therapy or non-surgical facelift. There are also some excellent microcurrent machines specially designed for the use at your own home. Why paying a visit to your beautician when you can do it yourself? Sounds great!

The therapy is completely safe and the only feel you may have is a a slight tingling. The only question is whether this therapy can actually provide results or not. The best machines in this field are quiet expensive and it will be a pity if you spend money in something that is not going to provide the desirable results.

This is why we did our research and we compared the top 5 microcurrent facial machines for use at home. Here is our detailed reviews for each one:


Best At Home Microcurrent Machine Reviews 2019

NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

Biosincron Beauty Star

Project E Beauty
Device TypeMicrocurrent - MultiuseMicrocurrentMicrocurrentMicrocurrent - Galvanize
Intensity Control5 - Level Button3 - Level Button1-10 adjustable electrical stimulation power controlAdjustable intensity power level control
Treatment Timer5 minute5 minuteNoNo
Additional AttachmentsWrinkle Reducer and ELE attachmentNo attachmentsNo attachments2 attachments - 1 for large and 1 for small face areas
FDA clearedYesYesNoNo
Skin TypesAllAllAllAll

1.NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

Trinity from Nuface is en excellent microcurrent machine for home use. It is widely known as the “5 minute face-lift” because it takes only 5 minutes for a complete treatment. It is the only microcurrent therapy machine that is FDA cleared for facial toning.

It can show results with just 5 minutes of use. The experts recommend to perform 3-5 treatments per week to have the maximum results. It is an excellent device to have a radiant skin and is appropriate for all skin types.

In a recent clinical study, 85% of users experienced significant improvement of the facial contour, 80% said they felt their face more toned and 73% experienced improvements in their skin tone.

The kit comes with the Trinity Facial Trainer head, which uses microcurrent for facial stimulation of larger face areas. It also contains NuFace Gel Primer , a user manual and 1 year warranty.

There are also 2 more attachments available which are the following :

Trinity Wrinkle Reducer :

List Price: $149.00
Current Price: $149.00
Price Disclaimer

An attachment that makes use of red LED technology to fight the facial wrinkles

Trinity ELE attachment :

List Price: $149.00
Current Price: $149.00
Price Disclaimer

It is a microcurrent attachment that is specially designed for smaller areas on the face like eyes and lips.

These attachments are sold separately.

This device has excellent reviews online and you can find it at the best price on Amazon.


2.NuFace Trinity Mini

List Price: $199.00
Current Price: $199.00
Price Disclaimer

Trinity Mini is the mini version of NuFace Trinity in a more budget-friendly price that does not include the extra attachments. It is a compact and convenient device and works perfectly well, just like Trinity.

NuFace mini is an excellent choice if you want to start with microcurrent.

How to Use NuFace Trinity and NuFace Mini

Watch the following video to take an idea about how to use these 2 great microcurrent devices.

3.Biosincron Beauty Star

Biosincron’s Beauty Star  is a convenient, compact microcurrent device that has received excellent reviews around the internet. It has a variety of power setting between 1-10. I recommend you to start using it with the low settings and then raise it until you find the one you feel more comfortable with.

Biosincron Beauty Star is battery- operated and a 9V battery is included in the kit to get you started right away. Also a contact gel is included.

According to the directions, 25 minutes per day are required for a week. After a week, you can do treatments every other day regularly on face and neck areas that are in need of cosmetic improvement.

4.Project E Beauty Kd9000 Microcurrent Galvanic Device

Project E Beauty Kd9000 is an affordable microcurrent machine that makes use of galvanic and microcurrent technology ulitizing a 2-part treatment: desincrustation and iontophoresis. Desincrustation prepares the skin for iontophoresis, which help the nutrients penetrate in the deeper skin layer for better results.

It contains 2 heads, the Roller probe for the larger face areas and the Ball probe that is used in the smaller areas like eyes and nose.

The package contains 30ml Duplex E Collagen Ion Gel in order to use it with the microcurrent device for better results. It is very easy to use and despite the fact that it is not be so powerful like Trinity, it can produce very good results if used properly. It has an excellent value for money. If you are thinking to start microcurrent machine treatments but you don’t want to invest much, you can start smaller using Kd9000 . It is probably the best facial microcurrent machine in the affordable/low budget area.


5. Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift

List Price: $109.99
Current Price: $109.99
Price Disclaimer

This microcurrent facial machine from Skin Care Experts is a very nice face lift device in the medium price range. It produces very good results,if you read some customer reviews you will see that some people say it is even better than NuFace. The way it works is the same. You use any light water-based gel to have the best tightening effect possible. It delivers 0.05-0.35uA that is enough for a good treatment. It is a coordless model that has rechargable batteries and is very easy to use. You should use it 15-20 minutes daily in order to start having results.


I hope you enjoyed our reviews about the best microcurrent machines in the market. You can also read our review about the . Lately we are testing many beauty devices and we are always trying to provide updated information about them.

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !