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best eyeshadow reviews

The Eye Shadow is considered by most women to be the most important makeup product, maybe after the lipstick. Finding and buying the best eyeshadow for your needs is crucial because the eyes are the most distinct part of the face and applying eye-shadow can have a transformation effect making you look an entirely different person. After all, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so let’s see how can we put some extra color and decorate this mirror. I chose the best Eye-shadows for 2016 and will provide you a small review for each one.

Here is my list of who I consider to be the best eye shadows to buy in 2016:


1. MAC Eyeshadow Fard a Paupieres

My Review: This eyeshadow is one of my favorites from MAC. I love the smoothly glide and the texture of this shadow, as well as the silkyness and the lasting. It seems like it lasts forever. The color blends very well and can help you blend darker colors in a nice and evenly way. It has a very nice sheer that is not glittering or overdone and gives you a lot of choices for your makeup. If you just tap it with your fingertip it can be very sheer, if you use a fair amount it could be slightly darker and if you pack the brush it can be very dark.


2. Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadows

My Review: This is a wonderful mineral-based pressed Eye Shadow from Jane Iredale. Like all Jane Iredale shadows, this shadow lasts a lot having a great staying power. It is an excellent shadow for sensitive skin as it has little to no preservatives and the colors are beautiful and flattering. Especially this color (picture) is subtle and enhances the eyes. Also, you can easily put this eye-shadow on and blend it with other shades.


3. CARENminerals Eyeshadow Matte

My Review: CARENminerals Eyeshadows come in a beautiful palette of 19 colors, containing Charcoal Mute, Pink, Silver, Violet Berries, Summer Blue and other colors. They are gluten-free and hypoalergenic-free and they have no oils, fillers or preservatives. These shadows contain 3 minerals with no additives and I love the fact that they are so pure. If you are looking for a natural solution and want to avoid any harmful additives that are often used in eyeshadows, CARENminerals Eyeshadows are an excellent high-quality choice. They can turn your makeup into looking healthier and more natural than any other shadow.


4. NYX Single Eye Shadow, Pure Skin

My Review: Well this is another one of my favorite makeup companies, NYX, with the Single Eye Shadows Collection, containing more than 162 shades!!! There are also many kits from NYX containing shades in different numbers like 6-shade and 12-shade kits. You can find this high quality and long-lasting eye shadow in a very low price, in shops or online. The color in the picture above is a beautiful complex color with great pigment that can be used either as a lid color or a highlight. Other colors like the dark brown are perfect for contouring! The package may seem a bit small but I have 1 pack of this eye-shadow in my personal makeup kit for some months now and I feel like it will last forever.

5. Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Singles, Perfect Pastels.

My Review: This is a classic Eye Shadow by Maybelline and one of my personal all time favorites. I really really love that color! It is an excellent color for women who have fair skin having a great design, great quality and value for money. It is so cheap for the quality it offers. The color is nothing extraordinary or mind-blowing, but it is perfect for daily use, or for a base color on your eyelids. It can perfectly blend with other colors and I have even used this as a blush sometimes. I strongly believe that no matter how many shadows you have, this one is a must for your makeup kit.

Warning/Note : Maybelline has stopped producing this color and you cannot easily find it in a shop, but if you are interested it is available online in Amazon Website. Personally, I am going to stock up some pieces of this.

Just click the button to visit the product’s page:


6. FAVORITE FIND:  Eye Shadow Kit: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Sands

I’m really in love with this classic eye trio from CoverGirl, Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Sands. I prefer wearing neutral eye shadows to my job and when I came across Shimmering Sands I loved the look so much that I decided to give it a try. That was a few weeks ago, and I’ve worn it practically every day since.

Although I love the colors, that’s not the only thing I appreciate about this great trio. It applies wonderfully, it blends easily, and it wears all day long. I’ve experienced no creasing or flaking whatsoever. Basically, it has everything I want in an eye shadow. And at $4-5, it’s one of the most affordable on the market.

Shimmering Sands is my new favorite day look for eyes.


I tried my best to provide you some small reviews about what products I consider to be the best eyeshadows for your makeup kit, and I admit that it took me quite some time to choose and write about them. That’s why I did not update my blog daily the last few days. I have some more shadows in mind that I’ll try to gradually add in the next days in order fill a top ten list. For now, let’s stay on top five area. I hope that you enjoyed my article and that I gave you some ideas about your next eye-shadow purchases. See you next time, be well, be beautiful, be yourselves.



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