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5+1 Beauty Recipes For Tired Eyes

[tfb username=’beauty_tonic’ count=’true’ lang=’en’ theme=’light’]We present you some excellent beauty recipes for tired eyes which can use when you are staying up all night and your cannot stand looking at your eyes at the mirror in the morning.

We look back at all-time-classic beauty secrets of our grandmothers and try the homemade remedies that will relieve your swollen eyes, make the dark circles disappear and make your eyes look rested and shiny.


One of the most effective tricks for puffy eyes are ice cubes of chamomile or green tea. On the previous day boil plenty of green tea or chamomile, allow to cool, and then divide it into ice packs. The next morning, take some ice cubes in two towels or cloth pouches and place them under your eyes. The frozen blend of antioxidants will completely eliminate swellings.


In the video below you will see how to create patches of cucumber on your eyes. You will need a blender in order to make juice from cucumber and water. Roll the mixture into a bowl and soak cotton in there(in the form of cleansing discs). Then you will drain it and put it in food pouches, which will freeze. Whenever you want to soothe your eyes remove all frozen packs from the freezer, let them stay a few minutes to soften and place them on your eyes for ten minutes. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, which helps to reduce the capillary creating dark circles, and they also moisturize the skin.


Mask of parsley and tea

Parsley is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins (A, K and iron) which can stimulate the skin under the eyes. For this mask use fresh parsley, which you can keep in the freezer in a plastic food bag. This is a great beauty recipe for tired eyes:

Mix one tablespoon chopped parsley roots in the blender with two teaspoons of boiled green, white or black tea, which you leave to cool. Apply the mask under the eyes for 20 minutes and then carefully remove it with cotton soaked in cool water. Do not rub the skin under the eyes because it is very sensitive.

Carrot mask for intensive skin nourishment

The carrot contains numerous nutrients as provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, PP, C, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and lecithin, essential oils, amino acids. For this mask will mix in a blender a little carrot, two tablespoons of potato flour and one egg yolk.

Clean your eyes well and apply the mask around the eyes for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Masks with potatoes for dark circles

Your first thing grandma would tell you to put it under your eyes for dark circles is potato. The simplest way to do this is by cutting a fresh potato into rings and leaving one on the eyelids for 20-25 minutes. However, you can make and potato mask rubbing a blunt in a tall grater and then mixing it with an equal amount of parsley and dill. Leave this mask over the eyelids for about 20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Massage to soothe your eyes

In the video below you will see how, by massaging specific points around your eyes will enhance blood circulation and will help them to rejuvenate.

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